8 Essential Tips To Help You Master Streets of Rage 4

Are you enjoying Streets of Rage 4, but find yourself getting knocked back more than a bottle of tequila? Then absorb our 8 most essential tips to improve at Streets of Rage 4 and you'll find yourself becoming more adept at bullying the baddies.

8 Essential Tips To Help You Master Streets of Rage 4

With the release of Streets of Rage 4, we’re still very much in that spontaneous honeymoon period and everything is exciting, but nothing is certain. That same level of thinking can naturally be applied to Streets of Rage 4. It’s new, it’s exciting – but it’s dangerous and you’re constantly beaten up by thugs. Most honeymoons right? Well it’s time to take back control and pummel your way through the stern opposition with our best violent retorts. So sit back and absorb our essential Streets of Rage 4 tips; in doing so, you might become the deadliest honeymoon on the face of the earth.

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1. Use Blaze

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

Blaze fighting

We recently did an in-game performance check to try and get a feel for the best characters to use – and Blaze was the one for us. She seems to be the fastest character to use, and when you are repeatedly inundated with more enemies than a field of crops, then the ability to scarper becomes paramount. Her speed may be the difference between death and that extra second needed to chow down on a succulent sample of Isaac Newton’s finest apples. Her 3-hit combo is rapid and her offensive, and flying specials, always keep you moving.

There isn’t one overwhelmingly obvious candidate to invest all your loyalty points into; it’s just that Blaze does appear to take her vitamins every morning. Does that girl do anything other than go the gym? She can pop a watermelon with those legs.

Our Beginner’s Guide covers the in-game feel of each character if you’re unsure.

2. Use Items Wisely

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

4-Player Co-op

If you were in a desert, dying of thirst, and the forces of the universe gave unto you a bottle of water, would you gulp down every last, moist, droplet of refreshing H20 straightaway? NO! So you shouldn’t do that with this game. If you walk into a battle and see a chef’s special chicken on the floor – looking more appetizing than a cold beer in hot, summer weather – it doesn’t mean you should eat it immediately. Learn to identify the enemies you’re up against. You’ve got 50% health, so you can realistically take another few solid hits. This way, you can make the most of the items you’re given. 

Weapons are a gimme. They’re generally plentiful, so as soon as you see one, pick it up. Then imagine that bountiful beauty of destruction is the difference between a date with Destiny Devil, and level 3. You get enough hits with weapons so knock yourself out (not literally). Furthermore, don’t be afraid to javelin that weapon straight into someone’s face. You may have just defeated an enemy on the left-side of the screen, but the only other enemy is on the opposite side. Landing a successful weapon throw will count as a hit, and it will maintain your combo – which you can then finish off by covering the remaining distance and sentencing that thug to death.

3. Use “Game Over” Assists

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

The Gang

This is predominantly a beginner tip, but it also applies to seasoned gamers who think they’re above such a “noobish” act of mercy. How do you get better at games? You master the level of difficulty you’re currently acquainted with until your competitiveness seeks a greater challenge. For a beginner, the new game over penalties are a great way to enjoy, and finish, the game. Furthermore, they are also a great way to extend your lifespan, and allow yourself to battle tougher foes for longer. Think of these helpful measures as the Viagra of gaming. Their only purpose is to help you last longer, and to improve your performance. 

Ignore the negative stigma, they’re there for a reason. The game over assists that is… I think.

4. Let The Enemies Do The Work For You

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

Prison Level

This only applies to some of the 12 levels of course, but you will find instances in which police and thugs will fight each other – looking at you Prison level. Let’s be honest: the kind of people trying to get an S-rank on hard stages an above are the same people that can complete Dark Souls, with a harmonica, upside down, dipped in sulfuric acid, with ankle weights, and are dead. So sometimes, you need to make the most of the advantages the games hand out to you. You wanna finish the game on the hardest difficulty? Then take a breather, and let the game do it for you.

Pride is a wonderful thing. It’s the inner-mechanism that turns human beings into uncontrollable perfectionists that will show they’re amazing at all costs. Generally, pride gets us nowhere – yet we still want to retain it at all costs. So for the people that want to beat this game on “Mania” difficulty, get a big bottle of whiskey and use it to swallow that pride deep down so that it may never rear its heroic face again.

5. Risk vs Reward

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

Special Move

This is always going to a touchy one, depending on your play-style, but me personally – I’m aggressive. Being on the front-foot is better than sitting back and absorbing punishment, anyone who watches football/soccer will understand. You can dictate proceedings, and Streets of Rage 4 is no different. Each character’s specials are a chance to go Super Saiyan and unleash a clutch combo to advance to the next screen. 

Now, I don’t think the cost of using them is that severe to be honest, and if you use them correctly, they can do some serious damage. The best way I’ve found to use the defensive one was if you have 3 or more enemies around you. Also, if you are using Blaze, you can easily suffocate enemies with a barrage of offensive specials and her blitz move. It keeps Blaze moving forward, so you’re not just consigned to the same spot, and once you’ve executed a couple of specials (maybe 3), then you can already be spamming your blitz move – BEFORE the enemies even get up. You become a walking tour de force of armageddon.

6. Make The Most Of Your Environment

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

Fighting On The Pier

Once again, this applies to several levels as they have environmental hazards designed to hurt everyone and anyone. Quite simply, use them. If other enemies can do damage for you, then electric cables, and 300-style, death pits can certainly constitute that too. Lure enemies towards them, grab them and throw them at the hazards if necessary. Anything that can decrease the chance of you losing life and increasing your chances of completion is a foregone conclusion. “Do it now!” as Arnie would say.

7. Save Star Items

Streets of Rage Tips

Specials In Action

Now, I may be a bit controversial here, but I don’t think the Star Items are actually anything special. They’re not game-changing like the BFG-9000 or the RYNO; but they can be useful to an extent. Their two main uses: to help you improve your score at the end of a chapter, and to lessen the burden of a boss’ chunky health bar. These attacks are unblockable and will launch the boss – leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up combo.

Using these on sub-bosses or a regular group of enemies just seems like a complete waste. You either go for a high score, or you can put Billy Big Boss closer to emotional turmoil.

8. Bank Your Points

Streets of Rage 4 Essential Tips

Blaze Combo

Aren’t we all trying to make some serious bank? (Seriously, why’s that a saying…). Well in order to do so, you need to make sure that after you’ve delivered a fierce onslaught of pure violence to a willing recipient, you don’t get hit. You get points for your offence, regardless, but the bigger your combo, the more additional points you could be earning on top. More points means a bigger score, a bigger score means extras lives! BOOM. Now you understand why this is an extremely important variable to be conscious of. 

To bank those points, you basically need to let your combo reach its natural conclusion. So, if you’ve completed a battle, then obviously it’ll run its course. But if you’re 60 hits deep and you’re sweating more than me after running for 30 seconds, then this is the only instance where I’d encourage you to try and move around the screen without being hit – using your defensive special if necessary. 

Streets of Rage 4 - Official Launch Trailer

With these 8, crucial, need-to-know Streets of Rage 4 tips firmly ensconced in the walls of your mind, I will be expecting royalties from your soon-to-be acquired internet fame.