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8 Essential Tips To Help You Master Streets of Rage 4

Are you enjoying Streets of Rage 4, but find yourself getting knocked back more than a bottle of tequila? Then absorb our 8 most essential tips to improve at Streets of Rage 4 and you'll find yourself...

Streets of Rage 4 Guide Axel

Streets of Rage 4: Complete Beginner’s Guide and Tips

In order to fare better on the Streets of Rage (4), we've provided a complete starter guide to help you survive on your journey. With a successful release under its belt, Streets of Rage is back and c...

Axel and Blaze Fighting

Streets of Rage 4 Review: The Legendary Franchise Is Back (PS4)

Despite have a hefty 26 year gap between Streets of Rage 3 and Streets of Rage 4, the franchise has thankfully not missed a step. It's a familiar, safe, cocktail of furious on-screen fighting, blood-p...

8.5 Great
Streets of Rage 4 gameplay

Streets of Rage 4 – Trophies and Achievements List

Streets of Rage has returned after an astonishing 26 year hiatus, bringing with it a big, beautiful list of trophies and achievements to fight for. An unexpected return of the classic franchise that h...

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