7 Best Mods in F1 Manager 22 to Improve Your Gameplay

Our selection of F1 Manager 22 essential mods shows you 7 great ways to improve your gameplay and make the game look even better. There are a few overhauls that improve the general graphics, some modifications to current teams' liveries, and new teams to substitute existing ones. Those into classic F1 will also have a pleasant surprise.

7 Best Mods in F1 Manager 2022 to Improve Your Gameplay

F1 Manager 22 mods aren’t as common as mods for other games but, luckily, things are slowly changing. Initially, the way in which the game was developed made it quite difficult to modify the files. This meant fewer chances for fans to try and add something to the game. However, in the last couple of months, the community found a way to implement mods in F1 Manager 22. Now we can finally have a few interesting extras to enhance our experience with the game.

At the moment, it is possible to find mods only on two websites: RaceDepartment and Nexus. Both websites require registration (free) to be able to download mods. There isn’t an incredible variety of choices as most add-ons are purely graphic-related. However, before Frontier, the game’s developer, released the latest update, someone even tried to fix some issues and rebalance the game with an unofficial patch. So it’s not impossible to find gameplay-related mods either and this is good news for the future too.

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How to Install F1 Manager 22 Mods

At the time of writing, there are no mods managers available for the installation of mods in F1 Manager 22. Even Nexus’ Vortex, at the moment, doesn’t support the game. However, it’s rather easy to install mods manually. The vast majority of mods come with a “.pak” file that needs to be pasted into the game folder.

Regardless of where you download the mod from, you can install F1 Manager 22 mods by following these instructions:

  1. Unzip the file(s) in a folder of your choice
  2. Copy the mod’s file(s), usually with a .pak extension
  3. Find your game folder.
    If you use Steam: “….\Steam\steamapps\common\F1Manager2022\F1Manager22\Content\Paks”
    Otherwise: “…\F1Manager2022\F1Manager22\Content\Paks”.
  4. Past the mod’s file(s) into the Paks folder

Notice that these instructions apply to most mods but not all of them. It’s always fundamental to carefully read each mod installation instructions to avoid issues.

The Best F1 Manager 22 Mods

Maximal Graphic Preset 2.5 Final Version

The first mod on our list improves the general graphics of the game in several ways. Most importantly, it adjusts the behavior of shadows and of luminosity, makes the fullscreen borderless, and might improve performance.

Maximal Graphic Preset comes in many different versions including 4k, 5k, 720p, Full HD, and WQHD combined with other options. So, when you extract the files, you’ll have between 18 folders to choose from. Remember that you can only use one of them at a time.

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game Maximal Graphic Preset

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: Maximal Graphic Preset

1991 Mod

This is probably the most impressive mod so created so far. The author Ablomis recreated the 1991 season stunningly. The mod includes teams, line-ups, and staff together with custom car models and a calendar that reproduces the races as much as possible. The only things missing are custom tracks and commentary but they’re absolutely unnecessary to enjoy this great mod.

If you’re a fan of old-school F1, you can have your go with the likes of Senna, Prost, and Mansell with top teams McLaren, Ferrari, and Williams. Otherwise, you can focus on smaller teams (like the legendary Tyrell) and raise young talents like Villeneuve, Coulthard, and Schumacher. You can get this mod on Nexus.

1991 Williams and McLaren F1 cars battling on a straight - F1 Manager 22 mods

1991 Mod is the Most Impressive F1 Manager Mod So Far

BromleyPlays Season Mod & RESHADE 2.0

This mod tries to update the visuals of several teams and drivers to be in line with their current style. In other words, it takes care of correcting several teams’ colors, sponsors, and drivers’ helmets. It is a handy solution if you want to update or change the look of several teams at once, without having to download different mods. Download BromleyPlays Season Mod on RaceDepartment.

The team affected are:

  • McLaren
  • Alpine
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Alpha TauriHaas
  • Red Bull
7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game BromleyPlays Season Mod

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: BromleyPlays Season Mod

Audi Team Mod 1.0

Towards the end of Summer 2022, Audi announced that will join F1 from the 2026 season, taking over team Alfa Romeo. This mod gives you the opportunity to anticipate their entry or realistically add them to your current career. The team is complete with livery, drivers’ suits, logos, and motorhome. The only thing missing is Crofty’s voice saying “Audi” instead of Alfa Romeo.

The are only a few things to consider when playing this mod. First, you can’t use it with other mods that add custom teams unless you’re ok with the name still being displayed as Alfa Romeo. Second, it’s not fully compatible with the latest patch 1.12 and you’ll miss the DRS fix that comes with it. You can get this skin on RaceDepartment.

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game Audi Team

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: Audi Team

Lotus Renault F1 Team 1.1

Another nice mod if you’re looking to replace one of the existing teams. In this case, actually, it wouldn’t be a real replacement given that Renault bought the Lotus brand a few years ago. If you don’t like Alpine, then, you can bring back the black and golden colors of Lotus. The mod includes all visual elements for a complete makeover of the team.

As per every mod that adds a new team, remember that you can’t use it together with others. Also, you can’t use this mod together with BromleyPlays Season Mod & RESHADE 2.0 since it already modifies Team Alpine.

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game Lotus Renault F1 Team

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: Lotus Renault F1 Team

Mercedes W13 Black Edition

This mod reproduces one of the best F1 livery of recent years: Mercedes’ black and red design of the 2021 season. Though the team did not manage to win the championship with these colors, the elegance and simplicity of this style are truly beautiful. Especially if you’ve already played a few seasons in your career, it could be a good idea to refresh a bit the Mercedes style with this beauty. Get it on RaceDepartment.

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game Mercedes W13 Black Edition

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: Mercedes W13 Black Edition

Aston Martin Vantage

This mod changes the livery and drivers’ suit of the Aston Martin team to reproduce the Vantage model from Gran Turismo 3. The green and yellow combination gives a nice vintage feeling to the car and makes it much more recognizable on track. You can download Aston Martin Vantage on RaceDepartment.

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game Aston Martin Vantage

7 Great F1 Manager 22 Mods to Improve Your Game: Aston Martin Vantage


The majority of the mods created up until now are mostly focusing on graphic modifications. However, the presence of mods like “Season 1991” gives us hope for more overhauls like it. For example, hopefully, we could get one that updates the game to next season’s line-ups and car performances.

As for the graphic mods, they are still a great way to keep the game different and simulate the changing of livery that most teams have every new season. The list of such mods is already reasonably long and covers all teams, so don’t forget to check RaceDepartment and Nexus to find your favorite ones.

Finally, if you are new to the game, don’t miss our tips for beginners and get the best out of your first season as an F1 manager.

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