3 Simple Super Mario 35 Tips to Help You Become the Top Plumber

Here are 3 Super Mario 35 tips to help you come out on top. Even if you're the best Mario player you know, your competitors still might have the edge. Super Mario 35 pits you against your rivals to see who can complete the most classic Mario levels.

Super Mario 35 lets you take on the entire original Super Mario while competing against 34 other players around the world. While you may be familiar with the original Super Mario Bros, this competitive version serves up some important changes to keep in mind before you set off to save the princess. The most important one is that your goal here isn’t to save Princess Peach at all. Super Mario 35 allows players to experience a battle royale version of the game, seeing who can survive the longest. As such, the goal isn’t just to reach the end of the level, but to beat more levels than your opponents. But speed alone won’t be enough to win. To come out on top, it takes some strategy. Here are a few tips on how to form the best strategy, and become the number one plumber.

1. Attack carefully and frequently

A battle royale wouldn’t be much without the ability to attack your opponents. In Super Mario 35 you attack by sending enemies to your opponents’ courses. Every enemy you kill appears in the course of one of your rivals. The strategic twist here is that the game offers you a few different ways to choose who to attack. A decision wheel lets you decide if you want to attack randomly, attack the player with the most coins, the one with the least time left on the clock, or a player who is attacking you. The game sets attacks to random by default, but I’ve found the most success attacking the player with the most coins.

The idea of revenge on a player who attacks you is fun, but not very practical. Similarly, attacking a player who’s running out of time may seem like the best option, but is has a chance of backfiring on you. Each enemy you kill grants you more time on the clock. So, by sending a player more enemies, you also send them more time for each one they manage to defeat. If your opponent runs out of time, they get eliminated, so giving them extra time could hurt you in the long run.

A few out of place enemies could really ruin a speed run

A few out of place enemies could really ruin a speed run

Gaining more time from enemies is also one of the reasons you should try and take down as many as possible. Each player starts the game with only 35 seconds on the clock. You get a few extra seconds by killing enemies and collecting extra items. Defeating enemies both sends them to your rivals and nets you precious extra seconds on the clock. Though each enemy only adds a couple of seconds, that time adds up. But it’s still important to think about which enemies to take down. Since every enemy is sent to an opponent, regardless of the course they’re playing, some enemies may be sent to courses where they don’t quite belong. For example, coming up against Bowser in level 1-1 could be a challenge if you don’t expect it.

2. Use your coins wisely

There are two different kinds of coins in Super Mario 35. Of course you’ll find coins throughout the levels, but performing well also gets coins sent to your profile. It’s important you know the difference between these types of coins, and how to best utilize each one. The big distinction is that the coins you find in levels can only be used in levels. That might raise a few questions. How do we use coins in levels? Why would we need them outside of levels? These things confused me when I started playing, so let’s look at the two different types of coins for a little clarity.

Knowing how to use your coins may be the key to victory

Knowing how to use your coins may be the key to victory

Every Mario game has players collect coins in the levels. Usually, the point of collecting them is to reach 100 to gain an extra life. But, Mario 35 hinges on each player only having one life. So, instead of extra lives, Mario 35 lets you spend your coins on items in the levels. Once you collect 20 coins, you’ll see an item box appear in the top left corner of the screen. Pressing X will cash those 20 coins in for a spin of the item roulette wheel. Each time you spin the wheel, you’ll receive one of four items: a mushroom, a fire flower, an invincibility star, and a POW block, which clears all onscreen enemies. The items are used instantly, so choosing when to spin the wheel is important. I usually use the roulette when I’m without a mushroom or a fire flower, so I know my 20 coins are going to a worthy cause.


The other coins players receive by performing well against their opponents. Each time you knock out a rival, or beat a level, you’ll get some coins sent to your profile. These coins are used to buy items before the game begins. If you buy, you’ll start the game with the item you chose. It costs nothing to start the game normally, 20 to start with a super mushroom, 50 for a fire flower, and 30 to start with a star. You can cycle between items before the match starts by using X. Be sure to check the selection bar on the right of your screen. You don’t have to use items if you like more of a challenge. But be aware that using them may give players a slight edge early on.

The warp zone could help you take your game to the next level

the warp zone could help you take your game to the next level

3. Know your levels

It helps to know the ins and outs of the levels you’re playing. As a long time Mario fan, I’ve played level 1-1 more times than I can count. So, I know most of the secrets hidden there. Knowing which ? Blocks have coins, and which have items has saved me on more than one occasion. There are even a few item blocks disguised as normal bricks. And of course, there’s the famous warp zone in level 1-2. Although it works a little differently here, giving the option to warp to three randomly selected levels.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of experience with the later levels though. Once you play a level in competitive mode, you unlock the ability to practice it. If you come up against a level you don’t know very well, it might be a good idea to play it on your own a few times. See if you can learn what each ? Block has inside. That way, you’ll know when you’re close to that fire flower you need. Knowing what to expect on each map makes it much less likely you’ll fall victim to one of Bowser’s lava pits.

You could also use levels to your advantage by trying to get the game to start on a certain one. Before each match, you’ll be allowed to choose a level you’d like to start with. The game then chooses one player at random to dictate where the game starts. Personally, I’ve never started on a level that wasn’t 1-1. But know that it is possible, and if you get lucky, it might play to your favor.

Good luck out there!

Keeping these things in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to reach the top five. To reach number one though, you’ll probably need the one thing I can’t teach you: experience. Like I mentioned before, knowing the levels, when to spend coins, and who to target all take some getting used to. Don’t dismay if you’re a little out of practice on the classic levels, because games are pretty short, and jumping into a new one is easy. The most important thing with this game though is to have fun with it while we can. Like Super Mario 3D All-Stars, it’s only available until the end of March 2021. So let’s-a-go! It’s time to put your skills to the test.

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