Super Mario Bros. 35 May Already Have Cheaters

Super Mario Bros. 35 is showing early signs of cheaters, with hackers able to acquire an impossible amount of gold coins. It's unclear if Nintendo currently has plans to combat the cheating, but it is currently removing YouTube videos that show off any hacking methods.

Super Mario Bros. 35 May Already Have Cheaters

Just one week into launch, Super Mario Bros. 35 is already showing signs of hacking, but Nintendo is quick to get any online evidence of cheating removed. 

Cheating isn’t new to any battle royale, so it’s no mystery why we’re seeing the early signs of it in Nintendo’s newest multiplayer competitive game, Super Mario Bros. 35. The game comes alongside the Super Mario 35th anniversary celebration, where Nintendo also released three Super Mario games in a package titled Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Surprisingly, Nintendo also launched a brand-new style of multiplayer to build on the original NES game. Thirty-five people play alongside a Super Mario Bros. level simultaneously and can interfere with each others’ games. 

To top the leaderboards in Super Mario Bros. 35, coins are used as scoring, but the player wants to be the last one standing to win the game. But coins can be used to unlock different parts of the game as well, such as playable levels or power-ups. And as originally reported by Polygon, it looks like some players have somehow modded their Nintendo Switches or the game itself to provide them with infinite coins. 

Nintendo has not yet responded to the issue, the Japanese developer is actively removing YouTube videos of cheating, including one video titled “Super Mario Bros. 35 Online hacking Part 2,” which supposedly showed the viewers how to hack into the game themselves. But because cheating is so common in multiplayer games, hopefully, Nintendo has plans to combat the hacking.

Super Mario Bros. 35 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. 35 has had a positive reception from critics, even our review said it “took this classic and truly gave it new life.”

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