TWD: Season 2 (spoilers): Kenny or Jane?

One of the hardest choices in the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead games is whether you should kill Kenny or let him kill Jane. This article will explain why I choose to keep Kenny alive and let him kill Jane.

TWD: Season 2 (spoilers): Why you should save Kenny
At the end of the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, you have a choice of if to let Kenny kill Jane or to shoot Kenny. Personally, letting Kenny live was an easy choice for me as he had been in the game from the start of season 1 but many other players find this choice difficult. This post will explain why I choose to save Kenny. I am not trying to change your mind and I respect that you might have a different opinion to me.

Jane is a heartless sociopath who only cares about herself:

  • After leaving Howe's hardware store, Jane manipulates Troy into a safe sense of security before shooting him in the dick and leaving him screaming in pain as walker bait. Troy may of been an asshole but he didn't deserve such a cruel death and Jane showed him no mercy.
  • Jane supports two very immoral choices that you can make in the game. Firstly, she tries to persuade Clementine to leave Sarah, a poor defenceless girl who needs supports after her father died, to get ripped apart by walkers. Jane also tries to persuade Clementine to rob a boy they don't know and steal all his medicine that he needs to help his sick sister. Both of these choices that Jane supports are immoral and heartless, showing that she is not a nice person. Kenny might not always make the right decisions but he is never immoral and heartless to strangers he doesn't know.
  • When the group needs her the most, Jane just gets up and leaves them for her own survival. This shows that she doesn't care about them as much as she says as she just left them for no reason other than they have a baby. Kenny on the other hand would never leave the group without good reason and always tries to protect the people around him (especially Clem and AJ).
  • Finally, Jane abandoned a young baby in a car on his own with no protection to pretend to Kenny that he was dead. She did this to push him over the edge even though she knows that he has lost everything and that baby is one of the only things that he has left. This is one of the most heartless things she does, pushing someone who she knows is having problems into fighting her so she can kill him.

Kenny stabbing Jane
Now we are onto Kenny. All this man has ever done is try to protect his group and the people he cares for:

  • In Season 1, Kenny drops a slab on Larry's head after he had a heart attack. This may seem like an over excessive move but they were trapped inside a small locker and it was likely that Larry was dead. Destroying his brain was the only way to make sure that Kenny could save him family and this would also protect the people inside the meat locker if Larry turned. Kenny made the hard choice that benefited the group.
  • Kenny can be controlled by Clementine. I agree that Kenny does have anger management but unlike Jane who can't be controlled by anyone, Kenny's anger can be controlled by Clem. This is shown in episode five of Season 2 when he wanted to beat up Arvo but Clementine tells him to stop and he does.
  • Unlike Jane, Kenny isn't selfish and he doesn't only care about his own survival. If you choose not to kill him, you find Wellington. They say that they are not accepting new members and Kenny begs for them to just take the children so he knows they are safe. This is a selfless act that shows that Kenny really cares for Clementine and AJ unlike Jane who would leave them in their time of need. Another time when this is shown is with Ben. Kenny hated Ben and didn't want him in the group. However, when Ben got injured and couldn't move, Kenny protected him which nearly got him killed.

Kenny on their escape from Howe's
So there you have it, my reasons why I choose to save Kenny and let Jane die.