Predicting Phase 6 of the MCU

There is still a fair amount of mystery surrounding Phase 6. Although it is likely that the projects which will occupy the 8 blank slots trademarked by Marvel will be unveiled next month during the D23 expo, speculation is rife in the meantime amongst the Marvel community.

Predicting Phase 6 of the MCU

At San Diego Comic Con 2022, Kevin Feige announced the lineup for Phase 5 of the MCU. This announcement came along with 3 movies confirmed from the Phase 6 slate. This means that Fantastic Four, along with two Avengers films will be part of Phase 6 of the MCU. However, there are still at least 8 slots left to be filled within Phase 6.

Speculation is rife over the characters yet to be properly explored in a Marvel project. These 8 slots have led Marvel fans to wonder what else we could see in Phase 6 of the MCU. So, based on the information available at the time of writing, we decided to fill in the blanks in order to try and paint a picture of what we can expect to see from Marvel Studios up until the release of Avengers: Secret Wars in November of 2025.

The Second Half of 2024: Phase 6 of the MCU Begins

Between Phase 5 wrapping up with Thunderbolts in July of 2024 and Fantastic 4 dropping in November of 2024, there are 2 blank slots. This means that the latter half of 2024 will be absolutely stacked with Marvel content. One of these slots will likely belong to Armor Wars.

Although that show was originally confirmed in December of 2020, we haven’t heard much else about it since then. Its absence from SDCC 2022 was notable. Thankfully, head writer for the show; Yassir Lester, has since confirmed via social media that it is still coming. It is likely that this will be confirmed during this year’s D23 expo in September.

It has been a while since Marvel officially spoke about Armor Wars.

It has been a while since Marvel officially spoke about Armor Wars.

The second slot will likely consist of a movie. The most likely candidate for this slot is Doctor Strange 3. Due to the way that Multiverse of Madness ended, it is probable that the next time that we see Doctor Strange will be in his next solo film. Getting this out of the way near the beginning of Phase 6 would mean that he can appear in upcoming movies throughout the rest of the slate, including Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

In late 2024, yet another slot has been reserved for a Disney+ show. Following the introduction of Blade in Phase 5, Rosario Dawson spilling the beans that Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is returning, the return of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Born Again and fans wondering when we will next see Moon Knight and how he will tie in to the wider MCU, a Midnight Sons series would make a lot sense for this slot.

The MCU in 2025: A Blockbuster Year

The next slot in Phase 6 of the MCU is in February of 2025. Fans have wondered if this could be where we finally see Nova. We know that Adam Warlock will be a major player in Guardians 3 when it releases in May of 2023. It is likely that this show will also feature him along with Nova, whose arrival to the MCU has been highly anticipated by Marvel fans for years at this point.

Although, a more likely candidate for this slot could be the Namor solo movie. We know that the character will be introduced to the MCU in Wakanda Forever this November, as somewhat of an antagonistic presence. However, going forward it is likely that Namor will receive his own film in order to establish the more heroic side of his character.

What the slate could potentially look like up until this point.

What the slate could potentially look like up until this point.

Following that first slot, another MCU movie has been bookmarked to release in spring of 2025. This movie will immediately precede Avengers: Kang Dynasty. This would be the ideal spot for Marvel to debut the X-Men within the MCU.

Whether this film is called The Mutants, The X-Men or something else, it would be incredible to see Marvel release an X-Men movie and an Avengers movie back-to-back. It would also establish the characters within the universe, meaning that by the time that Avengers: Secret Wars rolls around, they can be used in that movie without feeling shoehorned in.

The Second Half of 2025: Post Kang Dynasty

Following Kang Dynasty in July of 2025, is another movie slot. This will likely be where the previously confirmed Shang-Chi 2 will drop. The movie will likely expand the Ten Rings storyline, (which is set to be explored even further in a separate Disney+ series,) and pick up from the character’s recent appearance in the previous Avengers movie.

Some of the MCU projects which we could potentially see throughout 2025.

Some of the MCU projects which we could potentially see throughout 2025.

After that, another movie slot has been set. The Eternals 2 was recently seemingly confirmed to be happening via Patton Oswalt in an interview for The Today Show. The comedy actor made his MCU debut in the post credits scene as Pip the Troll, alongside Starfox played by Harry Styles. One does simply not introduce these famous faces and then not do anything with them.

Therefore, we will likely see them appear in Eternals 2 which will likely be the project to fill this slot. Hopefully we will also get some sort of a resolution to the cliffhanger which the first film ended on. The ethereal characters could also be set up here to make an appearance in Avengers: Secret Wars.

How the slate could potentially look leading up to Secret Wars.

How the slate could potentially look leading up to Secret Wars.

The final slot which precedes Avengers: Secret Wars is that of a Disney+ show. Could we potentially see Disney release two Avengers projects back-to-back? The Young Avengers are clearly being set up across current MCU projects such as Hawkeye, Multiverse Of Madness and Quantumania.

This slot would be the perfect time to bring together the Young Avengers in their own Disney+ show. Also, with this being the final project released before Secret Wars closes out Phase 6, it would mean that Disney could close the phase by releasing two Avengers projects in a row.

What Do You Think?

With all of that said, what do you think of the predictions we made? Are any of the properties mentioned above things which you would love to see in Phase 6 of the MCU? Is there anything there which you wouldn’t want to see included in the lineup? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for any news released at this year’s D23 expo.

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