Marvel’s Moon Knight Is Off To A Great Start

I can't describe how hyped I was about the existence of Marvel's Moon Knight series that stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, not just that, but also directed by Mohamed Diab, which happens to be one of my favorite directors. But I was also worried...

Marvel's Moon Knight Is Off To A Great Start

I’ve been extremely excited about Marvel’s Moon Knight since last November’s exclusive first look. Having a series for a character never seen before in live-action is super astounding. I was not a little farther in my excitation until I started worrying about how Marvel would process such a character. Moon Knight has an intense storyline with great characters; fitting them into the MCU sure is a hassle.

Little did I know that Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke’s extraordinary performances parried with the great music, cinematography, producing, and directing did the show its much-needed justice. We are two episodes in, all the important characters are introduced, the goals are set, the antagonist’s intent is understood, and the plot is already moving forward from the second episode, “Summon The Suit.” It’s worth mentioning that the next bit of the article will include spoilers for the first two episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight.

Plot briefing (so far)

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Steven Grant, a gift shop worker in a museum. Steven has some sort of sleep disorder that blurs the clear line between the state of dreaming and real life. He then finds out that entire days are wiped off of his memory. In addition, we know that Steven possesses an item that he shouldn’t, which the main antagonist of the series, a.k.a. Arthur Harrow, seeks.
In the second episode, we’re introduced to the actual reason for Arthur Harrow’s interest in the Scarab, which works like a compass that directs the follower to Ammit’s grave to eradicate all evil from the roots. Which produces the reason for conflict between our protagonist and antagonist in how can justice be served. The other conflict is between Steven Grant and his alters, Marc Spector and Khonsu.
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Is it Marvel’s best yet?

The first question that taps your head after any Marvel series is announced: “Is it going to be a typical Marvel production?” Of course, the answer differs based on how you perceive what a “Marvel production” is. The most common thing is that Marvel productions are relatively very similar and impalpable from each other. Does this apply to Marvel’s Moon Knight? Not really, no.

This is one of the few Marvel Shows that doesn’t really accomplish any event in the MCU. However, it’s like an origin story done in a series rather than a movie, which makes it kind of disconnected from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe but at the same time existing in the same continuity. This is something that will get a lot of praise if the series keeps it up with the same pace.

The point of interest about Moon Knight is the community is eager to see how Marvel translates a comic-book character that feels exceptionally out of Marvel into a live-action series that SHOULD fit in the Marvel Studios continuity of some superheroes and many comic-relief characters. The series doesn’t try its best to fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by constantly reminding you of Iron Man’s sacrifice every 2 minutes. I hope it keeps up on that balance between “I’m here” and “I’m actually on my own.” If it succeeds in following that, It will be absolutely the best series in the MCU.


The first two episodes come off as well-written entertainment pieces that enjoy multiple layers of how you can see it. Is it entertaining? Absolutely. The show is overall fun, hooking, impressive, and immersive. I think If Marvel isn’t really your cup of tea, you can still give it a sip and enjoy every moment of it. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”8zf58v1l67″ question=”Share your thoughts with us in the comments.” opened=”0″]What did you think about Marvel’s Moon Knight?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+

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