Where Is the Crew 3 and When Can We Expect Any News?

Why have we not heard any word on The Crew 3? Despite The Crew 2's age and loss of active players, it still receives updates frequently. Surprisingly, The Crew 2 managed to live longer than the super successful Forza Horizon 4 and have content planned ahead. So does that mean The Crew 3 won't be arriving anytime soon?

Where Is the Crew 3 and When Can We Expect Any News?

Where is The Crew 3? This question has been brought up several times by the community, yet people can’t find its answer. The reason behind the silence from the developer, Ivory Tower, could simply come down to the latest title’s vast success. Without any official words from the studio, we can only make theories so far, but we can estimate when to expect something. Despite that, Ivory Tower is known for accidentally leaking content, so it’s likely to come as a surprise to us all.

When Can We Possibly Get the First Sign?

If you’re asking the community, players would say the end of 2022, perhaps not a single world until 2023. Nevertheless, most people would simply say it’s going to be quite a while until release, without giving a specific year. Not even that is clear. Besides, the producer of the studio claimed in the year 4 announcement trailer that we shouldn’t expect The Crew 2 to die out any time soon.

“But it’s far from being over, and I’m super happy to announce more seasons for our fourth year. This new content will of course be available through MOTORFLIX, new seasons and episodes.”

– Oliver Gueydon, Producer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower

That said, It’s pretty much confirmed that The Crew 3 won’t be released within the period between now and the summer of 2022. It truly is far from being over, but the chances of having another year with new, fresh content aren’t very likely. Considering most games aren’t supported for more than 5 years, we may assume that this will be the final year of large and frequent updates, unless it miraculously becomes a record-breaker in sales figures. Unfortunately, The Crew 2 has reached a total player count of 30 million and not over 200 million, unlike Grand Theft Auto V.

The latest update added time attack races along with new vehicles

The latest update added time attack races along with new vehicles

Those are fantastic numbers from a racing title. However, that does not change the fact that the number of players is decreasing gradually due to its age. Apparently, it’s still beneficial to support the game in terms of revenue for the company. Otherwise, it would be completely pointless supporting the title. It’s an important brand for the whole studio because it has made the team grow, so the developers are probably doing whatever they can to keep the loyal fans. 

Keep an eye open in June 2022, since Ivory Tower usually do their yearly summary and announce content for the future. Now, we may also get news about whether the game will receive a final update or not. Otherwise, we might have to wait another year. 

Ivory Tower’s Future Plans

Without a doubt, all focus is on The Crew 2, as it’s more or less their primary financial income at the moment. A third title is likely to be in development, though, along with content for the current title. While the franchise has used the same map for two entries, a completely new location could be in development as well. This is considering there was community backlash when people found out that Ivory Tower would reuse the same map for their second title, with only minor changes. Creating a map with a size of 6000 km² would obviously take years to build, test and polish. It’s quite a long process and the larger the map, the longer the development time.

As for now, Ivory Tower must provide content for The Crew 2 thus keeping the franchise alive and not let it fall into the pages of history. But now that the studio has covered a year of content for the game, the next title could be prioritised from now on. If you ask me, I’d say we’re one to two years away from any first words, but thinking logically, it’d be awkward releasing a new title while still providing updates for The Crew 2. Obviously, the attention would be directed towards the latest title, which at the moment is The Crew 2

The Crew 2: Year 4 Reveal Trailer


  1. Hi I am very happy with the crew 2 game the beautiful america isjarhatosaga is beautiful and if you come out the crew 3 would play anywhere europe africa australia japan iceland with south america mexico and alaska i would like it anywhere and i think you too

  2. it would be great to see the crew 3 I can definitely see it coming out in the near future I think as well as ivory towers focusing on the crew 2 and future updates for that game I think they are secretly developing the crew 3 and I imagine it is in early development still so I think ivory towers will keep the crew 3 out of public eye for now until they feel ready to give us some news on the crew 3 show some early gameplay or maybe show a teaser trailer for the crew 3

    • Maybe they learned their lessons of doing the same map and have the real plans under wraps hence all the mental health talk.


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