Metacritic’s Top 8, Console Only, PS4 Exclusive Games

Metacritic takes all professional reviews for a game and average out the scores, so here are the best 8, must-own PS4 exclusives according to Metacritic. Games that are ONLY available on the PS4 will be considered to be acceptable. No remasters, no DLC and no extensions of older games, e.g Persona 5: Royal.

Metacritic's Top 8, Console Only, PS4 Exclusive Games

8. Spider-Man

Score: 87

Insomniac Games have a long and prosperous relationship with Sony that has seen the creation of Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. Outside of a brief foray into the Microsoft world with Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac have churned out great games for Sony, and aimed to do so with their new PS4 exclusive.

However, this is Spider-Man, and making Spider-Man comes with responsibilities – BIG responsibilities – because of the millions of Marvel fans worldwide.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

So when the adventures of Peter Parker finally became available as a PS4 Exclusive, it was a huge success. Scoring great reviews across the board and with a whopping 13 million units sold worldwide as of July 28th, it’s easy to see why one of the world’s most beloved superheroes can presumably look forward to future appearances for the Sony brand.

You can also check-out Spidey on Playstation Now too!

7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake  

Score: 88

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to suggest that the newest entry on this list is the most anticipated remake in the history of video games. The tale of Midgar was a PS1 exclusive back in 1997, and now twenty-three years later it’s a PS4 exclusive bubbling over with fevered anticipation.

Thankfully it hasn’t collapsed under the weight of expectation and Square Enix’s greatly, fleshed-out retelling of the Midgar portion has scored with critics.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Final Trailer | PS4

The story has divided long-term fans in some places, but the overall quality of the game is second-to-none. Boasting stunning graphics that push the PS4 to its limit, fantastic character models, accurate portrayals of Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith etc, and superb gameplay; it’s a solid package that was worth the wait.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait until the PS6 to sink our teeth into Part 2.

6. Horizon: Zero Dawn  

Score: 89

If ever a studio has leaped out of their comfort zone to try and do something they’ve never done before – it is Guerrilla Games. Until 2017, their legacy was quintessentially the Killzone franchise; their baby that they’ve been honing for over sixteen years with multiple iterations released over each Playstation console.

But instead of being typecast forever, Guerrilla Games took a giant step outside the Killzone box and came up with this tremendous game. Killzone always defied graphical boundaries and was a solid shooter, but going from their traditional first-person shooter formula to open-world RPG was gutsy

Horizon Zero Dawn - Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Pro 4K

The 2017 journey of Aloy was set in a savage, post-apocalyptic world in which the machines rule. But the sheer variety and stature of these dinosaur-like robots made every battle breathless. In a world plagued by generic RPG games, Horizon was a breath of fresh air, and I’m sure Guerrilla Games are already working hard on returning Aloy to our screens for the next generation.

5. Dreams  

Score: 89

Have you ever dreamt about playing a Mario game…on a Playstation console? You can now. Have you ever dreamt of revisiting the terrifying P.T demo again since it was removed from existence? You can now. Above all else, have you ever wanted to cook… with only your left hand? Well, polish my shoes and call me Charlie because you absolutely can now.

Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series set the precedent for limitless creation. Using the furthest reaches of your mind to devise and construct the craziest creations imaginable. Media Molecule have taken the LBP template, ripped it up, and presented you with a spade and an endless sandbox. Get digging.

Any genre of game, any theme, anything you can think of; Dreams allows you to actualize them and bring it to life. A game that appeals to all ages and one that critics obviously dream about at night.

4. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission 

Score: 90

Outside of Half-Life: Alyx, this could be the greatest VR game ever created, and it’s a PS4 exclusive.

It’s a testament to Sony’s commitment for putting time and faith into their VR department, as it was able to produce one of the most consistently fun experiences in VR. Each level in the game is a unique, 3D platforming experience making full use of virtual reality and requiring you to use your controller, your perspective, and even your own head to succeed!

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission – Launch Trailer | PS VR

The game is packed full of levels, bonus levels, challenge levels, and huge bosses. Best of all – the game is absolutely adorable

An instantly accessible, system-seller for PSVR and an essential game that rightly deserves to be so high up on the list.

3. Bloodborne 

Score: 92

Conversely, Bloodborne is NOT accessible. It’s not user-friendly. It will seek to destroy you at any given opportunity for looking away, daring to take a sip of your of tea.

The game, however, is a masterpiece of the “Soulsborne” genre. Its Gothic setting is complimented perfectly by the array of repulsive enemies that seek to rid you of your blood echoes. The gameplay is geared more towards speed and reflexes, compared to the Dark Souls games, and encourages the player to be more aggressive. Bloodborne wants you to bring the fight instead of hiding in the corner, failing to parry, crying… which you’ll inevitably end up doing anyway.

Bloodborne Official TGS Gameplay Trailer | Tokyo Game Show 2014 | The Hunt Begins | PS4

A divisive genre that proves endlessly rewarding and satisfying. Few games provide that euphoric feeling of toppling a boss that had your number at every opportunity, Bloodborne takes all that’s good about the Dark Souls franchise, and improves upon it with refined gameplay and a dystopian setting worthy of any Lovecraftian novel.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End  

Score: 93

Nathan Drake saying “crap” is ingrained into my brain. Life without it is meaningless, which is why Uncharted 4 thankfully provided that for me – oh, and it just happened to be one of the best PlayStation games of all-time. Uncharted has become a series synonymous with adventure, peril, award-winning dialogue and cathartic resolutions. 

So, discounting Golden Abyss, the fact it took five years for Uncharted 3’s successor to hit the shelves says it all, really. Naughty Dog went from the kooky, Crash Bandicoot people, to the cool, Jak and Daxter people, to aspiring Hollywood blockbuster filmmakers in one fell swoop. Their stock rose significantly with Uncharted, and each game demanded more perfection than the previous one.

UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End (5/10/2016) - Story Trailer | PS4

Uncharted 4’s cinematic excellence is complimented so well by the ever-charismatic Nathan Drake and his fellow cast. The graphics, even in this day and age, shouldn’t be possible, as they are spellbinding. The game had a lot of hype to live up to, especially knowing that The Last of Us’ Troy Baker was joining good friend Nolan North as Drake’s brother, Sam.

If this game was indeed a farewell for the Nathan Drake story, then it was a hell of a send-off…but could the PS5 provide one final crap?

It is currently free on PS Plus too!

1. God of War  

Score: 94

Boy… what a game.

Another franchise, another PS4 exclusive – with another legacy defining game. After God of War III, Kratos had slaughtered all of the Greek gods, he’d accomplished everything he had to on Olympus and his inner-family, blood feud was put to rest. So it could only beg the question, what next?

God of War - Be A Warrior: PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

You could’ve given me a few guesses, and not one of them would’ve been to transport Kratos and plonk him in the middle of a semi-open world based around Nordic mythology. The skepticism for God of War, after its 2014 Playstation Experience reveal, was high. Then details started filtering through such as Kratos having a son as a companion, a permanent over-the-shoulder camera and the game not even having a jump button. What!?

And yet, despite all the reservations and pessimism, especially from within the Santa Monica team itself, creative director Cory Barlog’s vision of this reboot worked. The game is a sprawling masterpiece making us fight from one jaw-dropping location to the next. The story is a wonderful journey with Kratos and Atreus’ lack of bond so painful to watch, and the gameplay doesn’t disappoint either. 

The series was built on the foundations of meaty, hack n’ slash combat with combos and blood lust – those desires are comfortably appeased here and then some. Different weapons, a new upgrade system, battles worthy of a Colosseum and some tricky fights with Valkyries make God of War the best reviewed PS4-only, exclusive game in the console’s illustrious life-cycle. 

With only The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima to go as the last major PS4 exclusive titles, the God of War currently stands sits on top of his mighty perch.


  1. Strange criteria of yours, you managed to somehow left out both entries of persona 5. Royal is the Best exclusive of PS4, even above tlou2, i know that for some western critics is really hard to see that the best games of all time are japanese… But come on! I have been playing since 1992, some time before you were even born, and I can tell you, my top five are all japanese games, with the honorable exception of gta, rockstar is one of the few western developers in the same league as the japanese ones.

    • Games that are ONLY available on the PS4 will be considered to be acceptable. No remasters, no DLC and no extensions of older games, e.g Persona 5: Royal.”

      Persona 5 is available on the PS3, and as mentioned, Royal is a slight extension of Persona 5.


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