Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Coming To PlayStation Now

Marvel's Spider-Man and Just Cause 4 are April's PlayStation Now games. The Golf Club 2019 will also be landing on the service, providing a relaxing buffer between the other two awesome action-adventure games. These additions continue to show the increasing value of having a PS Now subscription.

Marvel's Spider-Man Making Its Way To PlayStation Now

Marvel’s Spider-Man is swinging onto PlayStation Now in April. 

The game streaming service has officially announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man and Just Cause 4 will be joining the service’s extensive library of games.  Both titles will be available for a limited period, with Spider-Man being available until July 7th and Just Cause 4 leaving on October 6th. PlayStation Now has been hitting it out of the park recently, and this month continues that record. The Golf Club 2019 will also enter the service, acting as the perfect respite between freeing a repressed country or stopping supervillains from overrunning the city that never sleeps.

Another Big Month For PlayStation Now

Hit the links in The Golf Club 2019, coming to PlayStation Now this month.

Hit the links in The Golf Club 2019, coming to PlayStation Now this month.

The two main games speak for themselves in terms of gameplay value. Marvel’s Spider-Man is among the best games ever made for PlayStation. The unmissable PS4 exclusive combines fluid gameplay with the strong story-telling you would expect from a PlayStation exclusive. As we point out in our review, Insomniac shows a true understanding of what it means to be both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Recent leaks point to a sequel coming sometime next year for the PS5. 

If zip-lining around New York isn’t your thing, perhaps Just Cause 4 will appeal. Return as Rico Rodriguez as he saves a tropical country from an authoritarian military group called The Black Hand. The Junta has found a way to control the weather, creating extreme weather conditions throughout the diverse lands of Solis. It’s crazy dumb fun, even if it’s short on hard-hitting story. Avalanche Studios are sandbox game experts and their latest outing continues that their boundless world-building talent. Will you be playing any of April’s PlayStation Now games? I know I’ll be sky-diving into Just Cause 4 for a while.  

PlayStation Now - April 2020 New Games | PS4

PlayStation Now is a monthly subscription service costing £8.99 ($9.99) per month or a yearly fee of £49.99 ($59.99). 

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