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Gunnheim – Interview with the developers

We've written some questions and concerns to the developers of the indie bullet-hell style action game, Gunnheim. They wrote back some informative responses which you don't want to miss!

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Gunnheim is a top-down, explosive action game. This bullet-hell style shooter throws you from level to level while you level up your account. This game was released on August 10th on the Steam Marketplace for $9.99. I hope you will like it 🙂.

Hello! Can you tell  our readers a little about your company and what you guys do?

SIEIDI was founded in May 2014 by three guys with similar interests to gaming and gamification. We started doing client projects for mobile and then moved to our own indie games, first mobile and then PC. Our core team is now 5 people, and we are all very hardcore PC and console gamers. We want to create indie games that create strong emotions, like we've had in our many gaming years.

What inspired  you to mix together vikings and guns of all things? Where did the  inspiration for this game come from?

It just popped in some of our design sessions and we immediately thought: why not? It seemed like a perfect match and allowed us to create some unrealistic crazy stuff. The gameplay itself is inspired by our childhood couch co-op games.

What was the most  difficult or challenging obstacle you faced during development?

Somewhere during the spring we had designed a ton of features and content. Our overall scope and schedule were about to escalate to a never-ending project, a problem that many indies face at some point. We had to strip down some features and carefully schedule the development so that Gunnheim would surely see release.

How long did the  development process take?

We made the first prototype in January for a local game industry event, and started working on the game full time somewhere in late February. So I'd say a bit over 9 months total.

Gunnheim is a fun game  that was somewhat crafted in reminiscence of "the golden era of couch  co-op gaming". Can you describe what that means?

Our team members are all born in the 80's and we've had our first gaming experiences in the 90's, where many couch co-op games were a thing on consoles. We didn't want to make a retro game remake, but translate the same kind of almost childish joy and excitement through the game. When you pick up a minigun or nuke for the first time in Gunnheim you know what I'm talking about.

Do you have any  thoughts on the future of co-op gaming?

I guess people will always want to play together co-operatively, whatever the platform and the game genre. Couch co-op games are maybe slowly dying, although they still have their place in many friend groups. But I believe making games that involve teamwork and shared successes will thrive also in the future.

There have been some  suggestions in the forums about scaling the amount of enemies on each level to  be more balanced and perhaps scale less randomly as levels go on. Have you  considered these comments?

We read every comment, reply to most and really try to take every suggestion into account. The enemy scaling is a tough one as some say the game is too easy and some say it's impossible as it is. It's hard to please everyone in this matter, but we've considered changes and we'll continue to make some tweaks here and there.

I have a capaImage titleble PC.  During the play of this game, I experienced some minor lag regarding FPS. I saw  on the forums and other message boards that some other players were  experiencing the same thing. Do you have any idea what's causing this minor lag  and do you have any plans to reduce it?

Yes, we are aware of the problem some players are unfortunately having, and we do our best to fix it some how. I don't know any exact causes right now, otherwise it would be probably fixed by now!

Your last update,  according to the Gunnheim Steam page, was on October 28th. Do you have any  plans for future updates and can you tell us anything about what we can expect?

In the next update we are adding a few levels, new weapons, some options and hopefully a fix for the performance issues.

Would you like to wrap  us this interview with any words to our readers and your fans?

Thank you for reading this far and following Gunnheim. The support from gamers is the best thing an indie developer can have. And if you just heard about Gunnheim, If you think you'd like crazy viking shooter action with a hint of tactical pacing, then this is the game for you. Enjoy!

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