Author: Greg Wamboldt

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Infinium Strike Review

Infinium Strike is nonstop Tower Defense fun with challenging micromanagement and upgradeable turrets. Defeat the invading Wrogs and defend Earth from devastation! Read our review to know more about this Tower Defense game. Introduction Inf...

7 Good
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TerraTech Review

Terratech is a sandbox construction and combat game. There are four game modes currently in the game’s early access stage: Campaign, R&D Test Chamber, Sumo, and Gauntlet. The release date for TerraTech was on February 6th, 2015. It’s still ...

6 Fair
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Sketch Tales – Review

A complete review of the indie sandbox adventure game, Sketch Tales. It's in early access and its development team, 8D Studio, is working hard towards a full release. Sketch Tales was developed by 8D Studio and released on Sep 28, 2015. It&...

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Botanicula – Review

Review of the casual point-and-click adventure game Botanicula by Amanita Design, Botanicula Game Description Botanicula is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game where the player controls five botany-related characters on a mission to sav...

9.5 Amazing
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Crossout – Beta test review

We got the opportunity to play and test new game being developed by Targem Games. Let's check out if you should be impatient for its release or at least open beta. Crossout is an action-packed MMO centered around multiplayer vehicular comba...

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The Rivers of Alice – Full Review

A full review of the in's and out's of The Rivers of Alice, a graphical adventure game by Delirium Studios. The Rivers of Alice was released on November 16th, 2015. It’s currently available for $7.99 on the Steam Marketplace. Thi...

7.5 Good
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Das Tal – Interview

Das Tal is an indie hardcore pvp game and it would be a pity not to ask developers at Fairytale Distillery few questions about the game and the studio itself. Das Tal is a MMORPG set in a sandbox world where the focus is for players to inte...

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Gunnheim – Interview with the developers

We've written some questions and concerns to the developers of the indie bullet-hell style action game, Gunnheim. They wrote back some informative responses which you don't want to miss! Gunnheim is a top-down, explosive action game. This b...

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Valhalla Hills – Review

Review of the game Valhalla Hills. Great viking strategy with some unique features. Watch some gameplay here too while yur' at it! Valhalla Hills was released on August 24th, 2015. It’s available for $19.99 on the Steam Marketplace. I...

9 Amazing
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Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle – Review

Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puzzle - new upcoming game that will get the gears turning, fully grabbing your attention as you try to suss out the solutions. Or not? So.. what is Kumoon : Ballistic Physics Puzzle? Kumoon: Ballistic Physics Puz...