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Session Switch Review

Session: Skate Sim Review – Skateboard In Your Pocket (Switch)

Following the success of it's console launch, Session: Skate Sim is set to land on Nintendo Switch worldwide in the near future. Despite hardware limitations and a graphics downgrade, the port to Switch still plays as a solid skateboarding sim, with ...

6 Fair
Fire Emblem Engage Review Divine Gameplay Mixed With An Anime Plotline (Switch)

Fire Emblem Engage Review: Divine Gameplay Mixed With an Anime Plotline (Switch)

It's time to Engage those rings as we look to review Fire Emblem Engage. How does the latest entry in the series fair? What's up with the Pepsi can protagonist? All this and more will be answered as we delve into one of Fire Emblem's best entries. Fi...

9.3 Amazing
Aka Review The Search for Inner Peace (Nintendo Switch)

Aka Review: The Search for Inner Peace (Nintendo Switch)

Aka is a small open-world adventure in which you embark on a transforming journey as a red panda. Meet new friends and explore unfamiliar islands as you begin a tranquil life after a severe war. The game's music and storytelling shine the most. Howev...

6 Fair
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Review Three Repetitive Wars (Switch)

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Review: Three Repetitive Wars (Switch)

In this Review we look at an alternate timeline of how Fire Emblem Three Houses would have played out had Byleth not become a teacher. Does the Warriors gameplay lend well to this game or does the repetitiveness creep in quicker than the game can end...

7 Good
Ninja JaJaMaru Retro Collection Review From the Land of the Rising Sun (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru Retro Collection Review: From the Land of the Rising Sun (Switch)

Five previously Japanese-exclusive Ninja JaJaMaru games from the 8- and 16-bit eras have been fully translated and released in English for the very first time. I'd love this even if the games were complete trash, but they're not trash, these are very...

7.5 Good
Ninja JaJaMaru The Great Yokai Battle + Hell Review Busting Demons Like It's 1985 (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle + Hell Review: Busting Demons Like It’s 1985 (Switch)

Ninja JaJaMaru, a classic character from the early days of the Famicom, makes his grand return and proper English debut! JaJaMaru battles through hordes of demons in an 8-bit throwback that calls back to his very first adventure. Simplistic and rough...

7 Good
Cuddly Forest Friends Review: For the Little Critters

Cuddly Forest Friends Review: For the Little Critters (Switch)

Cuddly Forest Friends is a cute and cuddly pet simulator, made with the simple goal in mind, happiness! However, that joy might be more for the younger ones this time. From their squeaks to their tiny paws, get ready to care and play with nine adorab...

6.8 Fair
Piofiore Fated Memories A Bloody Good Time

Piofiore: Fated Memories Review – A Bloody Good Time (Switch)

Do you wish you could date Italian mafia members? Then, Piofiore: Fated Memories might be for you! You play as Liliana Adornato, an orphaned girl housed at the church in the city of Burlone. Three mafia groups control Burlone, and they want to meet y...

9 Amazing

Sail Forth Review: A Whale of a Time (Switch)

Sail Forth's premise may remind you of a certain Nintendo game from 2002. But once you get into it, Sail Forth presents a sailing experience that is not only incredibly charming, but surprising in-depth. Playing Sail Forth is an absolute blast. Relea...

9 Amazing
GunTech 2 Review

GunTech 2 Review – Bullet Hell (Switch)

In space, no one can see you shoot your way through hordes of enemies while narrowly dodging their projectiles. GunTech 2 is the decades later sequel to Utopos, one that brings the top-down, space shooting action to modern consoles. The game delivers...

6 Fair
My Universe My Baby Dragon Review Switch

My Universe: My Baby Dragon Review – Cute and Simple (Switch)

This review of My Baby Dragon looks at the newest entry in the My Universe game series. It is a simple yet fun and relaxing game that both kids and adults alike can enjoy. You can raise a range of adorable baby dragons right from when they hatch from...

7 Good
Kirby And The Forgotten Land Review: Think Pink!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review: Think Pink! (Switch)

Floating onto Nintendo Switch comes Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Join Kirby in another exciting adventure as he and his friend are transported to a strange new world filled with threats old and new! Upgrade your powers and use Mouthful Mode to save ...

9 Amazing
Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Review A Galactically Refined Adventure

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Review: A Galactically Refined Adventure (Switch)

In this review of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope we take a trip through the galaxy to discover a legendary adventure. With how awkward the first entry was, how does Ubisoft's second attempt at creating a Mario RPG go? With a universe worth of thought...

9.5 Amazing
Mortal Shell: Complete Edition Review: An Adequate Homage (Switch)

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition Review: An Adequate Homage (Switch)

If you love a good Soulslike, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is one of few available on the Switch platform. It's certainly a game worth playing but errs in following the Dark Souls playbook too closely instead of setting itself apart. Heads up, Soul...

5.5 Average
Intrepid Izzy Review

Intrepid Izzy Review – Adventurously Average (Switch)

Intrepid Izzy has the hallmarks of a Metroidvania game. Large levels? Check. Acquiring different abilities? Check. Original premise? No. While Intrepid Izzy features some fun platforming and exploration, it's also very derivative. Metroidvania titles...

5 Average
League of Enthusiastic Losers Review Short and Bittersweet (Switch)

League of Enthusiastic Losers Review: Short and Bittersweet (Switch)

League of Enthusiastic Losers is a dialogue-based, 2-D adventure about keeping hope alive in the toughest conditions. Travel with Vitya and Volodya as they try to get their lives together in the city of Moscow. While the game’s music, sound design, a...

5 Average

Oddworld: Soulstorm – Oddtimized Edition Review – Quite the Odd Mess (Switch)

The second chapter in the Oddworld franchise just hit the Nintendo Switch. Oddworld: Soulstorm - Oddtimized Edition has a lot to live up to, with a pedigree of games that delighted previous console generations. Does this Switch port stand proudly and...

4.5 Poor
No Straight Roads Review: Rock Out and Bring a Revolution (Switch) cover

No Straight Roads Review: Rock Out and Bring a Revolution (Switch)

No Straight Roads takes that feeling you get of beating on a boss in time to the music and doesn't just go with it, it makes it a mechanic. Batter and blast anything in your way as you start a music revolution to take down an oppressive EDM regime wi...

9.5 Amazing
Smurfs Kart Review: A Smurfingly Competent Kart Racer

Smurfs Kart Review: A Smurfingly Competent Kart Racer

Smurfs Kart is an arcade racer set in the whimsical world of the iconic Smurfs franchise. While visually stunning in its own right, the game is an extremely derivative, but well-made Karting game in a sea of lackluster racing games for Nintendo Switc...

7 Good
Atari 50 The Anniversary Celebration Review

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration Review: Nostalgia Overload (Switch)

Atari 50 provides players the chance to play several generations of Atari on one disc. In addition to its whopping 103 games, an entire interactive museum chronicles Atari's history from their rise in the 70's, their fall in the 80's, and their retur...

7.5 Good
Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Review A Tale of a Great Horse Game (Switch)

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Review – A Tale of a Great Horse Game (Switch)

If you're looking for a good horse riding game, look no further than Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch. While it isn't perfect, it is sure to satisfy what you're looking for in a casual and easy-going horse riding game. With plenty to do, this game i...

8 Great
Bayonetta 3 Review An Elegant Climax (Switch)

Bayonetta 3 Review: An Elegant Climax (Switch)

Bayonetta 3 summons more elegance and chaos than ever before. With countless classy yet devastating ways to tear up numerous new enemies, a quest to uncover the truth of the universe and plenty of over-the-top charm, this climactic entry does not dis...

9 Amazing
Witchcrafty Review When the Magic Is Missing (Switch)

Witchcrafty Review: When the Magic Is Missing (Switch)

Sometimes You and Pigeon Dev Games recently released a bite-sized adventure called Witchcrafty! Although this action-adventure game oozes charm and potential, the developers must adjust several things to make the game a better experience. Witchcraft...

5 Average
Atari Mania Review

Atari Mania Review: Bite-Sized Nostalgia (Switch)

Atari Mania celebrates 50 years of Atari by reimagining several of its classics as microgames. What should be a delightful trip down memory lane is let down by technical issues and repetitive gameplay. It offers moments of fun, but you have to wade t...

5 Average
The Battle of Polytopia Review: Very Civilized

The Battle of Polytopia Review: Very Civilized (Switch)

The Battle of Polytopia is a fun, punchy title that scratches that 4X itch. It may not bring much new to the table, but it clearly designed by veteran developers with a good eye for what makes the genre work. As a simple exercise in strategy, it prov...

7.5 Good
Zombies Ate My Neighbors And Ghoul Patrol Review Cover

Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol Review: Too Cool for Ghoul! (Switch)

For the first time on modern games consoles comes Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol, a double pack of two classic LucasFilm Games from the 1990s. Defeat legions of undead, ghosts, monsters, and more as you try to save innocent people. But are...

6.7 Fair

Splatoon 3 Review: Chaotic Refreshing Fun (Switch)

Being a fan of the Splatoon series since day 1, my excitement for Splatoon 3 cannot be measured. But did the game swim its way into my heart or did my expectations get splatted? With over 100 hours put in, let's deep dive into a review of Splatoon 3!...

9.5 Amazing
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Review Title Update 1 is Qurious and Furious

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Review: Title Update 1 is Qurious and Furious (SWITCH)

When Sunbreak was first announced for Monster Hunter Rise, surprise abounded. For the scores of new players who were unaware of the system of Monster Hunter games getting G-Rank expansion a while into their lifespan. It’s a predictable pattern, but i...

8 Great
Haiku, the Robot Review an Ode to Hollow Knight

Haiku, the Robot Review: an Ode to Hollow Knight (Switch)

Indie games have always had a special vibe to them, and this Metroidvania is no exception. Haiku, the robot is a fluid and catching game that takes the best aspects of some Metroidvanias (especially from Hollow Knight) and applies them perfectly into...

8.5 Great
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