Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Review

Check out our review and find out why this mini console is like putting on the biggest pair of nostalgia glasses. With over 600 retro games on offer, it's like a literal time machine that will take you on a trip to the 80's and early 90's like nothing else.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Review


I think I can safely say that retro gaming is at an all-time high. Not only are the older games making a comeback on the modern gaming systems but new games are being developed with retro style in mind. Pixelated graphics, 8-bit sounds and everything else that makes long-time gamers melt with those nostalgia feels.

Such a time is ideal for products similar to the one that is the subject of this review. The Super Mini SFC Entertainment System. Quite a mouthful, but the little console manages to tick all the right boxes when it comes to retro gaming. Let’s find out how.

The reviewed product was received for free, courtesy of GearBest, and you can purchase your own by following this link.


Talking about the hardware portion of the console, simplicity is the name of the game. Right out of the box you got the plastic super lightweight console with two controller ports, a power port and one for connecting to your TV or your monitor. I ran into a bit of a problem when connecting the console to my new LCD TV due to not having the required ports but managed to connect it via a SCART adapter I had lying around from one of my older TV’s. Also, our review piece came with a US power plug but luckily, the console has a micro USB connector so you can plug any of your mobile phone chargers and it should do the trick. Other than that, the console itself is easy to set up, basically being just plug-and-play.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Package
Dimension-wise, the console measures at measly 13×10 cm and is only 4,5cm thick, weighing around 100 grams, which will make it fit almost anywhere as well as extremely easy to carry. On the face of the console, you have one power switch and a reset button you press each time you want to select a different game. Included in the package are two plastic controllers with a D-pad, select and start buttons, four multi-colored buttons and two back buttons akin to R1 and L1 on the PlayStation controller.Most of these games are fairly simple in the sense that you’ll mostly be using only the D-pad and two of the face buttons and won’t ever need the extra four. I maybe would have liked that one of the unnecessary buttons be used to return to the game selection screen as getting up and hitting reset can be inconvenient, especially when you first try out the games for a minute or two.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Plug & Play
The build quality of both the console and the controllers is not rock solid and the light weight makes it feel like everything you see is just a plastic case built around important parts that are probably minuscule in size when compared to the whole product. Its probably not going to last for years to come but what it lacks in build quality, it more than makes up for with the important stuff – the games. 


Once you start up the console, you are greeted by a screen showcasing 6 different categories of games for you to choose from. They are separated into action, shooting, sport, fighting, racing and puzzle and each offers a huge amount of retro games across many genres. Most of them are similar or outright clones of well-known games from the Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit era so don’t buy it expecting any of the more advanced games that came out later in the 16+ bit era.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Game Select
All in all, be prepared for plenty of “awwww” moments as you try each of them out as the nostalgia level here is insane. You’ll find plenty of simple single-screen games with which you’ll get bored after a few minutes, but there will be some games with which you’ll spend plenty of time. Most of these fall under action and shooter category as they are crammed with bigger platforming games, a couple of metroidvanias, even some simple RPG’s make an appearance.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Shooter
There is something for everyone and the games are faithfully ported or recreated in their original 8-bit glory, both in terms of visuals and audio. Plus, most games have an insanely fun multiplayer mode with some games having a true co-op, while other have each player having a go until they lose their health or a life.

Super Mini SFC Entertainment System Console Platformer


I’m always newly amazed at how much content older games often provided while being only a few hundred kilobytes or a megabyte or two in size. Gearbest, with the Super Mini console, takes full advantage of that fact and crams as many games as it possibly could inside of a nostalgia-inducing casing. Sure the casing itself might not be of the absolute best quality, but at the advertised price point you still get around 600 retro games across many different genres to take you down the memory lane which is in my opinion fully worth a buy.

+ Huge selection of awesome retro games – Poor build quality 
+ Ease of use  
+ Price  



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