Strike Force Heroes Review | A Blast From The Past (PC)

Strikeforce Heroes is an action-packed side-scrolling shooting game that comes to us straight out of the Flash era. Featuring customizable characters, dozens of skins, and plenty of weaponry there's plenty of reason to give it a try! 

Strike Force Heroes Review A Blast From The past (PC)Strike Force Heroes is one of those titles that originally came from Flash-era gaming. Developed by Sky9 games, and published by Indie Ark it enters a legacy of Flash games that have been lost to time, only to be brought back to life. It is the byproduct of an era where game design could be enjoyed for free over a browser-based server. Joining the greats such as Adventure Quest Worlds, Raze, and Balloon Tower Defense, Strike Force Heroes still reign supreme. It’s hard to compare this kind of fast-paced shooting action to games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, yet the depth of customization is just as deep. Being a series you can truly lose yourself in, nothing is keeping you from obliterating your enemies.

You’ll have access to unique classes such as the medic, soldier, sniper, and juggernaut which will help you diversify your playstyle. Along with this, you’ll have access to amazing music that complements the old flash game feel of the series. There are no 3D textures in the game as everything is layered together like a cartoon. Compared to its classic flash version, Strike Force Heroes sports multiplayer action, and a mix of the cast from both games. 

Strike Force Heroes is available now on Steam for 19.99!

Action Packed Story

The story of Strike Force Heroes follows four classes of soldiers as they investigate a strange chemical being experimented on. It is a tale of the Strike Force going against their sworn enemies, GlobeX in order to try and figure out the truth. Along the way, you’ll be greeted with humor from the 2000′s, an animated set of cutscenes original to the series, and a nostalgic charm. It’s clear that there have been a lot of changes from the original series, changes that feel welcome. Some of these include a lack of the traitor mercenary from Strike Force Heroes 2 or the grossly overpowered combat engineer. 

One of the main points of the game that’s been added is the use of cooperative play that sees your friends able to join in the fun. Overall, with a large number of missions available and countless challenges, you’ll have hours of play. Though there are a lot of good things to say about the story, it does fall a little short of depth. Everything feels like an action movie, which is appropriate given what it is you’re playing with. Overall, you don’t play Strike Force Heroes for the story, you play it for the limitless customization and gameplay available.

Thrilling Gameplay

The gameplay of Strikeforce Heroes is similar to what you’ll find in old Flash games. There is a two-dimensional space where you can battle it out with up to nine bots or players. This genre of Gameplay came around from classic games like Thing Thing and Madness, which was a sense flourished through this series’ customization. Being one of the first series to boast save files between sessions, Strike Force Heroes feels like a natural bloom to an otherwise elegant flower. 

Player options

You can choose between the medic, sniper, soldier, and tank classes

You can truly make your playstyle however you want from snipers and melee weapons to lmgs and pistols. Everything is there for you to explore with little to stop you. Mixing elements of science fiction with cartoonish features you can end up with some pretty unique options. Ultimately you can beef up any of these classes with the slot machine system which serves to be the only gripe. Building money up over a few matches only to lose it to the slot machine is annoying, to say the least. Overall though, this is one small quirk among a mountain of fun features weapons, and characters. 

Abilities and Classes

Character classes and abilities are Strike Force Heroes‘ best feature. You can mix and match the abilities of each class as you level up. Every person could make their own load out with the various guns and skins. Also, every class has items that can be equipped for a secondary effect. From faster reloads to more health and experience. You can constantly stay on top of the battlefield with the ability to acquire goods at any level and any class.

Flash-Era Graphics

Graphically, it’s a flash game brought into the modern era. From the hand-drawn flash animation to the firearms drawing better than some of the skins. This game tries to give the player a fun experience through gameplay. However, the story cutscenes and backgrounds are gorgeous. It’s a throwback to an era of gaming lost in time, so you’ll get the best from the software they’ve used.

Strike Force Heroes is back with a brand new quality!

Strike Force Heroes is back with a brand new quality!

To make a difference and customize weapons, skins, and abilities, ambient effects and texture skins are used. You’ll be able to get skins for everything in the game. From unique NPCs to basic enemies. Hence, it’s important to build up wealth as much as possible since even after 36 skins on one character, there’s still more to collect. For pop culture fans, Strike Force Heroes has plenty of references and homages to discover.

Striking Audio

The music and audio of Strike Force Heroes is not only fitting for the story but also diverse. From a classical soundtrack that fits the bill of a flash game to electronica and dubstep during a battle. Everything music-wise has been used in such a manner as to feed into the immersion of the game itself. You get sucked into the gameplay and the music helps you stay Immersionattentive. Meanwhile, the gunplay is sitting if not slightly louder than the music at times. 

The only thing I could criticize is that the music gets repetitive after a while. In these cases, there could stand to be more tracks added to the game from the original titles. Strike Force Heroes has. had a legacy of good music going on in their previous two titles. And if they continued that legacy you’d have something special. Unfortunately with only a handful of music tracks, the gameplay and graphics really hold this title together.

Strike Force Heroes Was reviewed on PC with a key provided by ÜberStrategist PR

Overall, Strike Force Heroes is a great game for anyone whose interested in a class flash game experience in the current year. With most of the old flash library removed from the internet after the browser based services stopped supporting them, these are the few titles we get left. As a member of the survivors, its nice to see Strike Force Heroes riding so high on its throne!
  • Awesome gameplay
  • Great Customization
  • Old Classic Flash Feel
  • Great New Features
  • The Slot Machine System
  • Repetitive maps

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