Nanoleaf Light Panels – Rhythm Edition Review

LED lights have, for some time, been at the forefront of any gaming setup. The recognized standard is to have them in your keyboard and mice but what do you do when you want some more visual pop to your setup? The answer is simple: Nanoleaf light panels.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Edition Review


You’ve probably seen Nanoleaf light panels in various gaming setups at one point in your web surfing. These triangle shaped panels are usually seen covering walls behind monitors, shining their light on the entire room, often showcasing various animations and light configurations to really make the setup stand out.

Well, we’re here to tell you that the images or videos don’t do these panels any justice because when you put them on your wall and turn them on – they look even better. They can also be so much more than a simple way to visually improve your gaming setup. How so? Let’s break it down.

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Nanoleaf LED Light Panels: Rhythm Edition Review


Right out of the box, the Nanoleaf panels immediately exude quality. Not only do they look sleek even when turned off, but they are surprisingly bigger than what I expected. The standard package includes 9 panels and if you are worried that it won’t be enough, rest assured that its just enough for any small to mid-sized room. Larger gaming setups that include multiple monitors could certainly benefit from an expansion pack but it’s not paramount in order to fully enjoy the light show.

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Package content
There’s a huge number of configurations you can set these 9 panels in. I was initially tempted to use one of the suggested configurations but instead opted to use a custom one that I felt was more appropriate for the way my room was set up.

In addition to the panels, the package has everything you need set them up. This includes small sim card-like connectors that you use to connect the panels, the main and rhythm modules as well as the small Nanoleaf adhesive stickers so you can glue the panels to a wall or any other surface of your choosing.

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Bright and saturated
There will be just enough of these to glue every three corners of each panel as well as the additional modules and they’ll do their job very well. They are one-use so you’ll have to find and buy similar stickers should you wish to change the configuration of the panels. All in all, you won’t have to worry about them falling off and even if they do, they are sufficiently light and made out of single piece of solid quality plastic so they can survive a fall from a reasonable height.

The main module that’s connected to a power cable features two buttons that you won’t use outside the initial setup which is as simple as plugging the panels to an electrical outlet, downloading a Nanoleaf application and turning them on. That’s when the real fun starts.


Nanoleaf panels work without being paired with the app but only when you use will you be able to take full advantage of what they have to offer. Besides controlling the level of brightness, the app dashboard will enable you to choose from a few basic color and animation presets. From warm reading light, all the way to a color burst featuring 10 different colors.

If what you see there isn’t enough, you can always quickly download any number of hundreds of user made (and often thematic) lighting presets. For example, I first downloaded presets that were made to resemble the aesthetic of Tron and Cyberpunk 2077. If what’s on offer there still isn’t enough for you, the app makes it easy to design your own preset with a multitude of options.

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Intuitive control app
The app also features a separate preset menu for the Nanoleaf Rhythm module. What’s that? It’s a small extension that you hook up to any panel in the configuration. It has a built-in microphone and once turned on – the panels will colorfully react to any and all sounds the module picks up. It might seem gimmicky but it has the potential to turn Nanoleaf into a true disco light if you are throwing a party.

I had mine set up next to the PC speaker so it reacted to the games I was playing. Playing some Battlefield V with a preset called “danger zone” that uses shades of dark green, blue and purple really made the battle feel much more intense. The Rhythm module even features an easy to set-up integration with Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant so you can choose your presets via voice commands.

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Awesome even during the day
One thing to be mindful of if you are facing the panels is that prolonged exposure to flashing lights has the potential to strain your eyes and cause epileptic seizures if you are sensitive. The app will make these potential problems abundantly clear each time you download a preset that features fast, blinking animations.

It goes without saying that these panels shine bright, saturated colors that illuminate the entire room they are placed in. They will quickly become the centerpiece of your entire setup and rest assured that they will produce a “Wow!” effect from any and all guests that see them.

Nanoleaf Light Panels - Sync' em up
The only problem I experienced was a flimsy connection between the panels and the app. It would occasionally disconnected or would apply a chosen preset with significant time delay. I couldn’t put my finger on the cause of this problem and it might never happen to you.


What can I say that hasn’t been said in the review? If you want to take your gaming setup to the next level – Nanoleaf panels are the best choice to do so. Even if you’re not a gamer – you’ll definitely find a place and use for them. The rhythm module takes the whole package up a notch and turns the panels into a true light show. With a huge amount of customization options, the Nanoleaf is an almost flawless, beautiful LED light that will definitely shine some bright, saturated colors into your life.

+ Sleek, modern and beautiful design – Minor connectivity problems
+ Bright and colorful – Price could be an issue for some
+ Awesome Nanoleaf app  
+ Modular, expandable, and with plenty of      customization options  
+ Easy setup as well as ease of use  



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