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Should you travel back and paint with the greats or pick up a new hobby? Read our review of this strategy game taking place in Italian Renaissance and paint paintings. Sounds really original, doesn't it?

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Do you love to paint? Do you like strategy games? This may just be the game for you. Painters Guild takes you back to the Italian Renaissance where you are put in this house to paint paintings for your customers in this strategy game. Developed and published by Lucas Molina, released September 1st, 2015, and is only available on PC.  You might paint with the greats, greatness may await, but one thing is for sure, you must paint, paint, and paint! 

my famous painterMy house

At  the beginning of your great painting adventures you are thrown into this house  by yourself with your created painter. You are greeted with plenty of  clickable interfaces on your screen that you are not familiar with yet. The clouds move  in the background, giving it a sense of real time. Music ever so classical to  set the mood of the Italian Renaissance. Customers come in out as you accept  money for the paintings you do. This game seems like a breeze and easy, right? Well,  it kind of is, but it can get very hard. 

Customers can leave angry

Each you city you pick gives you a sweet bonus

There  is kind of a lot going on here for such a small game. You must rest your  character from time to time so that he is not sleepy while he paints. If he is sleepy,  he will not paint as fast as he normally would and could possibly die due to  over working him. If you want to increase your income you must prestige your  guild, and by doing that, you must either mix paint (which I found the easiest)  or you must buy it from the catalog located at the very top. There you can buy  items to prestige your guild, but that’s not all you can buy. 

Catalog for all your painting needs

My painter paints

In  the catalog you can buy beds to increase how fast your rest meter goes. A  station that changes your style of painting which is really important in the  sense that some of your customers may ask for a certain style of a painting,  and if your painter is able to paint the correct style, your painter gets more  money. A masterpiece canvas, which makes it so that you can upgrade your  painter, so that he can continue to improve and upgrade the guild. Money in  this game is very important. Your characters can leave the guild if there is no  money going to them and an even worse scenario your painters can actually die.  If you can’t pay for a doctor or if you can’t pay to get your painters from an  execution, yeah they die. Luckily, you can always hire new painters. 

Hiring painters

People can die if not taken care of

You  can either hire the best painters for a high price or low tier painters for a  small price. Either way painters are the life blood of your guild (duh). As you  progress more customers will demand more difficult paintings, which will take  more time and more painters. Make sure you mixed your paints so that you don’t  run out of it for your next paintings and have your painters on deck because  you never know what might happen. As you progress through the years actual  historical events happen in the form of a messenger boy, who spreads the news.  These don’t do anything, but let you know what’s going on around. 

My house got big, huh?

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Painters Guild really made me feel happy. I think a big part  of it was the music. It really puts you in this good mood and makes you feel  relaxed even when the tough gets going. The gameplay was okay. It wasn’t  spectacular, but it definitely wasn’t bad by any means. Compared to other  strategy games, this game really makes you think fast than actually being fast  as you have to account for your money, your painters, what style your painters  paint, and unforeseen bills. The graphics were charming and simple. The only  problem I had with the game was the fact that it throws you in without really  explaining anything. Here and there it did, but not really the information I  needed at the time. There was no story, but the actual events in the game as  the days and years passed were really cool. It didn’t do anything as far as I  could tell that impacted the game, but knowledge of the past is always cool in  my book.


  • Delightful music

  • Events that keep you on your toes


  • Lack of explaining features

  • Liveliness

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