Fionna and Cake Episode 2 Review – Getting Used to the New World

We take a look at episode two of Fionna and Cake, Simon Petrikov. Yet another main character, we learn and understand more about his character as a 20th century man living in the time after an apocalypse strikes, in the land of Ooo. Read through to understand more about his underlying emotional burdens that make him realistic and make this episode a fantastic one.

Fionna And Cake Episode 2 Review, Simon - Getting Used To The New World Episode 1 and 2, both pertaining to two important characters, was released on August 31st, 2023 to help showcase the premiere of Fionna and Cake. From what we know of from before, the audience had already seen these characters before in an older series called Adventure Time

Adventure Time takes place in what looks like the medieval times. With princesses and kings, we get to go on adventures and battles with our old pals Jake The Dog and Finn The Human. During these adventures, we got a sprinkle of how Fionna and Cake had their fun on their own journey as they dealt with their own emotions and personal battles. 

Although, what some of us may have forgotten was the fact that Fionna and Cake were written as a story book in the original series. In this episode, we are reeling forward into a time where Finn is a lot older, and Ice King is no longer around. 

This Fionna and Cake episode shows us a little piece of life from the one and only, Simon Petrikov.

Fionna and Cake releases every Thursday on Max. Spoilers ahead in this review. 

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake | Official Trailer | Max

Story – A Piece of Myself Is Missing

I personally loved watching this episode. We get to step foot into the life of the Ice King we haven’t personally known to a deeper level; Simon Petrikov. 

At the beginning we get to see what it used to be of the modern world, the time before Ooo. Buildings were toppled, smoke rose above. A scattered pair of survivors ran through the city as they were being chased by infected creatures from that universe. Just by their feet ‘color, we can immediately associate those characters to Ice King and Marceline. And just by the setting, too, we can connect that it was when they were younger and to a fresh era. Marceline was still a child and Ice King was trying not to be tempted by the crown so he could take care of Marceline.

It then goes into what looks like an apartment. Simon wakes up, tired, rugged. There’s many items that remind us of the old times, thinking it was just a dream, until a garage door opens and reveals onlookers. He sleeps at his work; a 20th century man in his natural habitat.

Thus pushes us into an episode of adventure, friendship, and loneliness. What I enjoyed was that it showed us how Simon is still getting on without the love of his life, Betty. He still hasn’t recovered from her sacrifice so he tries to search for an adventure. Or, gets pushed into an adventure because of Finn.

Simon Depressed at the Bar

Simon Depressed at the Bar

I just love seeing this duo go on adventures together, Finn trying to help Simon with feeling happier, but seeing that Simon is trying but fails to feel better. He doesn’t feel better because a piece of him is still missing. He’s lonely, he can’t seem to move on. His heart is still tied to his love and he can’t find her anywhere. 

The story of Simon is one that some can relate too, especially if a loved one has passed. It’s hard to recover from something like this. Others will try and help by subtly pushing you forward to help relieve some of that pain. We can see that Simon is disconnected with society, considering he is a long way from his original home in the 20th century. We can see this as he tries to call Marceline as she is getting her matching tattoo with Princess Bubblegum, to gain some sense of friendliness that he had lost connection with. But, we can see that he can’t stay on the phone with her for too long because of Marceline being distracted. 

The story thus far proves to be a story of relatableness. Both characters that we have encountered had some sort of emotion we can relate too. For this episode, we were connected to Simon through sadness, loneliness and a silent grief.

Characters and Performances – Getting to Know the Real Ice King

Let’s Talk About the Characters

So far, I really liked Simon. Like mentioned previously, he is one who many can connect with if they have experienced a sacrifice or a loss of a loved one. He is a character that is facing challenges, such as loneliness, deprived of interactions, and grieved. It is hard to walk away from something when you have lost something so dear to you.

After he broke free from being Ice King, Simon was back to his normal self. One that was far from home and one that was hurting. After the crown was put on his head, he turned into a whole other being with a heightened liking to women- he was obsessed with finding a wife just so his true form wasn’t lonely. We got to see the reason why Ice King was like that. Of course, Adventure Time went into it, but Fionna and Cake are setting up his character in this episode.

Simon may be depressed, but he seemed to be trying to put his mood into a better place as Finn found him in the bar. Finn, as always, was always trying to uplift everyone. This time he is doing it as an older gentleman. 

Honestly, I loved the interaction and the connection Finn had with Simon. Although Ice King was a kind of villain to him, Finn never took it to heart. Especially now that we see Finn talking to Simon like they were old pals. Finn has always had a huge heart for people, I mean, it makes total sense since his demeanor is all about helping people and saving princesses. Well, mostly helping people.

But, underneath Simon’s loneliness, we can see that he is trying to battle with his inner urge of what might look like Ice King and possibly his powers that he inherited..

Simon's PTSD as Ice King getting to him after the onlookers questioned him.

Simon’s PTSD as Ice King getting to him after the onlookers questioned him.

Let’s Talk About the Performances

We all know and love the famous Tom Kenney who voices SpongeBob. He did such an amazing job voicing Simon. Although there are hints of Ice King (I mean, he is basically Ice King) but Simon has his own voice. His voice is soft and cleaner.

Tom portrayed Simon perfectly, to the fluctuations of his voice and the gentleness Simon has. The emotions in his tone are so convincing it makes you want to help Simon feel better. And he just convinces everyone that Simon is really grieved.

Another amazing performance was Finn’s voice actor, Jeremy Shada. He has played Finn ever since the first series, Adventure Time. He never seems to fail as he plays Finn. He always gives Finn his spunkiness and spark of adventure. He is always funny, too. 

What is amazing about these two is that they never truly walked away from the show. I always love when shows are able to keep the same voice actors for all of the characters. Even though they are older, it never seems to fail to make the audience happy to hear their voices once again.

Finn Trying to Console Simon

Finn Trying to Console Simon

Cinematography and Sound – Amazingly Focused

The beginning of the series showed some amazing works with the cinematography, sound and editing. Episode 2 came in with the memories of the past, almost seen as a dream in the eyes of Simon. It was something that had happened, but it was something he didn’t want to reminisce over, considering it was while he was transforming into Ice King. And, it was around the time everything was torn down and blown up, the world destroyed and mythical and futuristic creatures were becoming more prominent.

By the looks of it, Simon’s world is more of the mythical type as Fionna’s is more of a modern world. 

What I loved in the cinematic category is that they panned the scenes from past events to the present events. It helps add onto Simon’s grief, but also shows how his life now was something like a museum. 

I will talk more about the scenes in the editing tab, but I can talk about the sounds and how it contributes to the show. The ambiance of some of the sounds shows such a nice contrast to the editing and the show itself. And sometimes the silence of a scene helps with how drowned in grief and loneliness Simon is.

Simon Fends himself off in the heart of Ooo

Simon Fends himself off in the heart of Ooo

Editing and Pacing – Running With It

The editing in this episode was immaculate. Some of the scenes connecting to each other were smooth and hilarious in some places. I really enjoyed the beginning scene of Ice King and Marceline running through the deserted city being chased and it only showing their feet. Immediately, you knew immediately who those two characters were. 

One of my favorite scenes was when Finn convinced Simon to go on an adventure. When Finn basically headlocks Simon and drags him out of the bar to go on an adventure, and Simon asks Finn with a struggled voice if he’s really sure about the whole adventurous motive. Then, right after he says ” Finn, are you sure about-” it immediately cuts off to him screaming his head off as he dangles upside down, on the side of the mountain, hanging for dear life as Finn rock climbs his way up. Then looks down and decides that “well, maybe I should bring it down a notch” because Simon was not at all, in any shape or form, used to this top notch stuff. 

Those two scenes all in all made this episode better for me. It just shows that the editors have a sense of humor and they know how to time a scene like that so well. It just expresses Simons ultimate concern and the fact Simon is not adventurous. But, that he will do it for Finns sake to help him become better.

Simon hanging upside down, Traumatized

Simon hanging upside down, Traumatized

My Final Thoughts

All together, I really, really enjoyed this episode. I loved learning more about Simon and how he felt after his fiancé sacrificed herself to save him. And, with the fact Ice King had messed him up so he has a sort of PTSD from his old stories, Fionna and Cake

The reason why I loved this episode was just the reality of grief, wanting or trying to bring a loved one back, and feeling the emptiness of it. Plus, he’s someone from the 20th century trying to adjust to a future where most of what he’s used to doesn’t exist. When you don’t have family, it’s hard to be happy.

See more about this series in my Episode 3 Review.

This episode talked about a main character; Simon Petricov. The one and only, Ice Kings original person. Being one from the 20th century, he basically lived a life not of his own as another personality. Now, he is back to himself and is trying hard to adjust. Especially without the love of his life, Betty. I talk about his character, how realistic it is, and about the editing making the episode more touching and the cinematic's making this episode more understandable.
  • Character felt in depth.
  • Had related to real life emotions.
  • Expresses grief in a realistic way.
  • The writers did a very good job with their editing skills.
  • The voice actors made the characters relate deeply, and were nostolgic.

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