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The real question is whether you said get this game or not. Another platformer game tries to get our attention and we bring you the review.

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Whether  you question life or death, right or wrong, what’s fair and what isn’t, what we  really need to question is what is In Between about. You play as a young or  middle aged man (I don’t really know for certain) who is telling his life’s  story. He is diagnosed with lung cancer and is at a part in his life where he  questions life, but also shares his feelings throughout the story. Developed by  Gentlymad and published by Headup Games, released August 21st, 2015  and is available only on PC on SteamYou will journey throughout chapters of his life  that give you a sense of what person this man is and what was before.

Protagonist staring at arcade machine

Darkness consumes

This  story is very saddening, but really makes you as a person want to question about  life. The main protagonist is with you and you are with him in his descent into  his mind; his feeling, his issues, his struggles, him in general. To keep going  through the story you have to complete the levels. It’s a platformer. You are  spawned in at one end and have to make it to the other side to get to the next  level. Throughout it you have to dodge spikes, spiked balls, as you have use  zero gravity like abilities to get where you need to go.

Protagonist on his wheelchair

In Between

As you progress throughout the level, it gets more difficult. More dynamics and level design increase the difficulty. There are some sections where you don’t actually use your character fully, but instead have to move around a box to activate switches to be able to get to the next area. You’re also met with green auroras that make you incapable of using your zero gravity abilities. There are also dynamics like for example the darkness that if you’re not literally facing it, it will take over you, eat away at the screen and eventually consume you if you are not careful and make you restart the level or restart at the checkpoint.

In Between - gameplay

Those angry red orbs

I for one really liked this game. I don’t personally think that it’s anything special, but if you’re a fan of platformers and like zero gravity in your game (walk/running on walls) I really think you are going to enjoy this game. Even though this game doesn’t explore anything groundbreaking to the genre, its enticing story and unconventional platforming set it aside from other platformers. Graphics are unique, interesting. I have always admired this type of art style even though not peering into the more realistic side; it still has its artistic presence. The soundtrack is okay, it’s nothing too crazy to go for, and it’s there to just set the mood for the chapter or setting you’re in. The controls have a bit of a learning curve, but after two or three levels you should be good to go. The gameplay is very simple yet presents a challenge. Every level is different, making you think more and/or react different to the scenario at hand. The story is sad, but for the most part it’s interesting hearing about this stranger’s life. What I like most about this game is the way the story compliments the gameplay. For example this stranger was going through dark times and what way to make the gameplay interesting is putting the darkness dynamic. Also the dynamic in itself is really great, and really changes the gameplay.

The dark is scary when you're not facing it

Fragmented stories


  • Dynamics

  • Challenge 

  • Story goes hand and hand with the gameplay


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