Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headsets Review

When my friends ask what I think are the best gaming headsets out there for competitive play, I say Turtle Beach. When they need more specifics I tell them the Elite Pro headsets. A headset with surround sound and works on PC and PlayStation 4, these are a top option for everyone with a big enough budget looking to take their gaming to new heights.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headsets Review


Turtle Beach is my favorite company when it comes to headsets. I've mentioned that in many of my reviews, even the ones regarding games and the immersion quality they can have when paired with the right headsets. I've tried several brands over the years, but none have given me my gaming satisfaction as much as Turtle Beaches. Whether it was the PX series, the Stealth 600, or the Stealth 700, they all have been perfect for me with the exception of cracking after a normal product lifespan. My one disclaimer is that I've yet to try Astros. But, after all of my experiences, the Elite Pro headsets have taken the cake. Granted there is a much steeper price for these headsets, it's a price jump that feels well worth every dollar. I'm talking about headsets so comfortable you'll question if you're not laying in bed on a soft pillow to sleep., and audio quality so clear that horror games no longer have a place on my hard drive

You can buy them on Amazon for $199.95.



If I had to think about what is the best quality of these headsets, I'd be at a loss for words. Nothing comes up short, and nothing feels like it absolutely needs improvement. But when I put on the headsets for the very first time, my initial reaction was to the comfort. The padding for the ears are Aerofit Ear Cushions, and will just sink your face into them. The outer part of the ear cushion is a mix of leather and fabric, fabric on the part that rests on your face, and the leather to protect it all from the outside and sides. There's no other way to describe it other than they feel like expensive pillows cut out for your ears. It's firm enough that it won't lose shape, size, and purpose, but you won't feel anything but softness. They provide air tight and noise cancelling technology that will put everything else to shame. You put them on, and all you will hear is game audio. 
Also, for all of the glasses wearers out there, the headsets feature a ProSpecs Glasses Relief System that will allow enough give on the ear cushions for your glasses to rest in, avoiding unnecessary abuse to the glasses or the headsets. If you wear thicker glasses, you'll need to unlock the inside of the ear pieces, open them up, and change the size of this internal gap. It may sound complicated, but it's really easy and convenient to do. I don't wear my glasses while I game, but I put them on for the review and confirm they work as they are advertised. I wear thicker Polo Ralph Lauren glasses, and needed to do the internal speaker change to feel the most comfort, but again it's a simple process that only takes a minute to do. 

Elite Pro: How To Adjust the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System


On top of the headset is an adjustment feature for your head size, known as the ComforTec Fit System. Where other headsets usually will allow you to extend the ear pieces individually (which these still do, just separately from the top half), you will adjust the padding above to the height you desire. There are two measuring and adjusting toggles, one on each half of the very top part, which will help alleviate the normal stress on the material  from it being located inbetween the ear pieces and top portion. This way, the connection between the top portion of the headsets and the ear pieces is a sturdier, more structurally strong design. The ear pieces also spin a lot unless on your head, again to take away any pressure on the build.

Moving on to the audio next; you'll find the ear pieces are fitted with 50mm Nanoclear Speakers, which deliver arguably the clearest gaming audio out there. 7.1 Surround Sound, DTS Surround Sound Modes. and Superhuman Hearing pre-loaded will set the tone for the package. It makes a massive difference over regular gaming headsets, as the audio from 360 degrees will make their directions easily known. In order to use these though, you'll need to plug in the Turtle Beach A.M.P, which comes included, or can be purchased here for $19.95.

I use the headsets on my PlayStation 4, and setup was initially a pain to get working but I believe it was more of my console not reading it properly the first time. I unplugged the USB AMP which replaces the headphone jack and wire, and plugged it in again and everything worked exactly as it should. I had always put off using USB connections on my headsets due to it being annoying always having an attachment to the console rather than the controller, but I definitely prefer it over the regular headphone jack here. The audio quality and performance is a lot better, and the cord is 3 times as long.

The microphone too allows a high quality of audio to be sent on over to your friends and teammates. The microphone quality of gaming these days is already really high so it won't blow anyone away exactly, but forget worrying about pops and scratches. I compared the microphone with other headsets through party chat and everyone (all 2 of my friends) said they heard a big enough difference that they could tell which one it was, but did admit the difference was still a subtle one.

The amazing feature included regarding the microphone though goes back to the USB AMP, in that the microphone audio is streamed back into the headsets for you to monitor your own voice. If you were to use just the regular headphone jack, then it will feel like talking with your fingers in your ears due to the noise cancellation abilities. When plugged in to the console though it truly feels as though you're not even wearing headsets. It's actually a little scary how awesome it sounds. Now, when plug in directly to the console, the microphone becomes the highest of quality. It goes from being an average microphone plugged into the controller to a microphone found in a musicians recording studio when using the AMP. It's an incredible difference, and one that eliminated all pop and cracking from yelling too loud.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headsets Box


Perhaps just outside of the budget for casual gamers, or gamers who prefer to only use a headset to communicate with friends, but for hardcore gamers and competitors these are a definite to-to option. Turtle Beach has already done so much throughout the years to prove they produce high quality products, and this is not only another display of that, but one that reaches towards perfection. Of course, just like records are meant to be broken, tech products are meant to be improved upon.

For now, if you want to take your gaming to new heights, you'll want to buy these along with a Scuf controller as soon as possible. Combining these two great companies and products has made me feel like I have every advantage on the competition. So much so that I'm sure 90 percent of the time when I am killed, it's because someone else is running with a Scuf controller and Turtle Beach Elite Pro headsets. I joke of course, but seriously, these are top of the line for gamers looking to reach new levels of awesomeness.

Pros Cons
 + High quality audio and microphone performance   – Will go beyond many gamer's budget for headsets
 + Extremely comfortable, even after hours of use  
 + USB AMP for amazing surround sound and in-headphone microphone audio
 + Sturdy build and design

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