Gravastar Sirius Review: The Mecha Gamer Earbuds

Sirius is a pair of earbuds from Gravastar whose design, build and sound quality give much higher-end and expensive earbuds a serious run for their money.
Gravastar Sirius Review: The Mecha Gamer Earbuds

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Like all other Gravastar products, Sirius earbuds have this futuristic, mecha design that just blows everything else out of the water.  As far as controls and indicators, these are delegated to the earbuds themselves with the case simply having a type-C charging port, a reset button, and a small LED that will let you know if it’s fully charged. 

Even more attention here was given to the build quality of the case as it’s entirely made out of zinc alloy which makes it pretty heavy despite its relatively small size. This is complemented by the mechanism holding the earbuds in place with this little button here requiring a surprising amount of force to spring open. Even after that – the earbuds are further held in place by some really strong magnets that won’t make them budge even with violent shaking. 

The earbuds themselves follow the visual aesthetic of the case with some cool little design details. Each also has a small LED that will light up when the earbuds are charging or pairing with Bluetooth devices. The earbuds feature the always welcome touch controls so you can tap or hold each to play or pause music, skip tracks, control the volume, activate Siri or the Google assistant, and take or end calls. They are also IPX5 rated so splashes of water should pose no issues. 

Sirius uses Bluetooth 5.2 and pairs them up with SBC and AAC codecs. Thanks to this, you get a rock solid connection to paired devices, a decent range, and very low latency. The 7.2 mm dynamic drivers here deliver a surprisingly great sound with emphasis on punchy bass. This isn’t surprising seeing as they are aimed toward gamers but it pays dividends for listening to music as well.The case holds enough juice to charge the earbuds 3 times but the earbuds themselves will last you only around 4 hours without ANC which is weaker than many competitors in the same price range. For more details on the build, design, features, and much more, check out our full video review.

Gravastar Sirius is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable entry-level pair of earbuds for gaming, music, and just about anything else. Despite the flaws, Sirius definitely checks enough boxes in the sound quality department, looks like an excellent conversation starter, and most importantly, won't burn a giant-sized hole in your wallet. 
  • Unique mecha design
  • Tanky build quality
  • Solid sound quality
  • IPX5 rating
  • Microphone is servicable at best
  • Average battery life

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