Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review: Looks Amazing, Sounds Even Better

Gravastar once again knocks it out of the park with the futuristic aesthetic of the Mars Pro. But, unique design aside, under the hood, this Bluetooth speaker has some great tech that delivers sound which is absolutely out of this world.
Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review: Looks Amazing, Sounds Even Better

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Gravastar Mars Pro looks like a full-blown cross between Star Wars destroyer robots,  Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons, with a bit of War of the Worlds tripod thrown into the mix for good measure. Even if it wasn’t a Bluetooth speaker, it’s an awesome little gadget to have on display and something that is sure to attract attention wherever you place it. 

Coming in at 2,5 kg, the dome of the main shell, as well as the legs, are entirely made out of heavy-duty zinc alloy with the rest being high-quality plastic making it highly resistant to damage and stable on near any surface. Gravastar also left nothing to chance as everywhere you look at Mars Pro, you’ll find some cool little details that ultimately give it so much personality.

There’s even a substantial amount of RGB on the shell and the legs so the speaker looks even better when turned on. The lights aren’t just for show as you also have Bluetooth and a battery level indicator on the sides of the speaker. Along with that, you have all the relevant controls in the form of physical buttons and a touch-sensitive strip to control the volume level.

Now while it looks amazing, Mars Pro sounds even better. Its weight isn’t all about the metal exterior but also about what’s inside and that would be the 2,5″, 20W full-range speaker with a 1″ high-frequency tweeter. This makes Mars Pro is capable of delivering an amazingly high-quality sound that is rich and loud. Be it a large room filled with people or the great outdoors, it handles it all like a champ.

The sound does come out a bit bass-heavy, even in songs where the bass isn’t as emphasized. So, while it will sound amazing playing any music genre, it’s going to appeal more to people who enjoy a bit punchier music with a bit of oomph. But, rest assured, whatever you use Mars Pro for, be it music, movies, YouTube, or even mobile gaming, the sound will be crisp and clear no matter the volume level which is an achievement in itself considering how loud it can get. 

Connectivity-wise, Mars Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0, pairs with devices near-instantly, and suffers little to no delay in its effective range. The battery can go for 15 hours, give or take, depending on multiple factors such as the volume and RGB. For more details on that, as well as the design, sound quality, and a full sound test of Mars Pro, check out our full video review.

Gravastar Mars Pro might look like something out of War of the Worlds but the only thing it will blast will be your ears. Its sound quality absolutely matches its amazing aesthetics which makes it a great showcase gadget that will definitely attract tons of attention.
  • Absolutely amazing design
  • Tanky build quality
  • Great sound and high volume
  • Solid battery life
  • A bit heavy
  • Somewhat pricey

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