Dyplay Urban Traveller Review: Affordable Noise Cancellation

The Dyplay Urban Travellers are noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable, stylish, and functional. The attractive price makes them an even better option for those who wish to keep the world at bay. In a time when everything is attempting to get your attention, the Urban Traveller uses active noise cancellation to keep distractions at a minimum and your sound a priority.
Dyplay Urban Traveller Review: Affordable Noise Cancellation

Life can be a noisy place. On the way to work, cars rumble, trains growl on the rails, and planes hum in the sky. All around, the incessant din of noise presses in on the senses, distracting and redirecting our focus into things we’d rather shut out. Headphones help to keep the annoying noises out as do earbuds, but in order to drown out the raucous they need to be turned up loud. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something that could both drown out the noise and play our podcast at the same time? Dyplay has put their solution forward with the Urban Traveller.

The Dyplay Urban Travelers are available through Amazon for $99.99. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Subtle, yet stylish

Subtle, yet stylish

Design: Slim and functional

The Urban Traveller is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, 40mm drivers, AptX – LL support, 22 hours of battery life from a 500mah battery – 11 hours if using noise-cancelling, and up to 30 decibels of noise cancelling. The headset charges to full in about an hour. It also features an auxiliary port for wired listening as well. In the box, apart from the headset, expect to find a USB-C charging cable, a lengthy auxiliary cable, and a carrying case that has a soft interior for gentler support of your headset. 

Packaging was clean and tidy

Packaging was clean and tidy

High-end feel

The headset itself feels premium. Immediately impressive is the soft-touch texture of the headset that is devoid of any hard, shiny plastics. It’s a small feature that leaves a lasting impression. The red-orange accents put just the right amount of flair without being overdone. Thin metal mesh circling the outer edge of the ear cup looks cool without being tacky. The ear cup cushions are a comfortable synthetic material that is firm enough to provide support. Yet, it has enough padding to not hurt my ears from my glasses after extended wear time. They also rotate 90 degrees as well as fold inwards for easier storage, although the snap it takes to release them from their listening position is a bit disconcerting.

Orange accents are nice touch

Orange accents are a nice touch

There’s a decent amount of functionality on the Urban Traveller. There’s three main buttons, a volume up, down, and a power button in the middle. However, they all serve separate functions. The power button will obviously turn the device on, but it’s also the pairing button. While the volume buttons will turn the volume up and down, a long press will skip to the next song. A feature I myself am a huge fan of. On the left earcup is the ANC button which allows you to manually flip the noise cancelling on and off. It is cool to play around with the switch to see just what the onboard noise cancelling mics are cutting out for your tranquility.

Performance: Hear what you want

Now for the noise cancelling. It works exactly as claimed if not better. First of all, the ear cushions do a stellar job at keeping out sound even without the noise cancelling on. However, once the switch is turned on and the headphones are given a second to adjust, the lower frequency sounds around you fade out. My desktop computer is about 34 decibels loud according to my phone. When sitting next to it, the headset completely tunes out the droning of the fans in my PC. It also worked well to keep the low vibrations and hum of my 3D printer to a minimum.

Comfortable and quiet

Comfortable and quiet

In a more extreme test, I wore the Urban Traveller while mowing the lawn. Lawn mowers get pretty loud. I wasn’t expecting the headset to be able to deal with 90 decibels of noise. However, it was fascinating to turn on the noise cancelling and listen to how the headset dealt with many of the lower frequency sounds. I had to turn the volume up a bit more than I would ordinarily. But this was an unfair test, and it still did decently, even with a lawn mower about five feet away. In a more reasonable situation – like on an airplane or in a laundromat, the effect would be more tangible. 

Solid auditory experience

The listening experience is great. The low latency Bluetooth allows for watching movies without any awkward lip syncing issues. It could even be used for playing games should one want to go that route. Sounds are pleasant and natural. There was no distortion or vibration present or anything that might detract from the audio experience. Volume gets loud enough for any user. Sound degradation from turning on the noise cancelling feature is kept to a minimum. Although I found the sound to be not as deep and rich with the feature on. Fortunately, there’s a switch to turn it off when it is not needed.

Not so subtle ear location reminders

Not so subtle ear location reminders

Mic, not the best, but no complaints

The mic is perfectly usable. I was told while testing phone calls that my voice sounded clear and perhaps even better than the phone mic on my Pixel 3. It does not have a boom mic like a gaming headset might, but the headset was still able to pick up my voice and deliver it acceptably.  

Mics are used for noise cancelling and picking up your voice

Mics are used for noise cancelling and picking up your voice

The Urban Traveller is a great option for those who live in noisy environments and wish for a headset that assists in making their hectic world a bit more peaceful. Even if it doesn’t make the world completely go away, noise cancelling takes the edge off. The speakers do the rest, filling your ears and your mind with your favorite programs. Dyplay’s comfortable, stylish headset can go a full week’s worth of commutes without needing to be charged. With it priced at just under $100 bucks, you’ll not only look smart, but feel it too.

This review unit was provided by Dyplay. 

The Dyplay Urban Traveller hits the sweet spot with price and functionality. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a $300 headset, it does what it claims with excellence. For those of you who are looking for a noise cancelling headset in an economical price range, these are worth your attention.
  • Affective noise cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • Premium feel
  • ANC Sound Quality

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