Demolish & Build Company 2017 Review

A game where your failing company requires you, the boss to work. You must get your sledgehammer, saw, and your heavy machinery out to save your company. Hack, slam and drive your way to victory in this simulation meets destruction simulator that will have you instantly hooked right in.

Demolish & Build Company 2017 Review


Demolish and Build Company 2017  is a great example of a simulator game gone right. It starts off with just the right tone and introduces you to the concept in a very video game but believable way. This could easily have been another typical and just okay simulator with destruction built into it. With some careful planning and some smart use of the tools that you are given though this game seems to hit all of the right notes. Created by Developer Noble Muffins, this is their first game on Steam, and boy should they be proud, because if this is their first game, I can't wait to see what is next. This is a simulation meets arcade gameplay at its best, it's not too arcade and it has a strong gameplay hook that makes you want to keep playing to the next job.

The amount of time you could spend in this game really depends on the amount of time that you have. It does not have a definitive end or any real win condition. Jobs will continuously show up in the game world and they are all a ton of fun to do and enjoy. So how does the rest of the game hold up? Well read on and find out.

Demolish and Build Company 2017 is available on Steam for $19.99.

Demolish and Build Company 2017, WE WILL REBUILD!



There are two parts of the game, building and destroying (duh). So first let's talk about the destruction in the game. It's fun. There is no other way to describe that euphoric feeling other than it is just a blast to destroy things. As a kid one of my favorite games to play was this Tonka kids game, no idea what the name is but destroying buildings and driving some of the big vehicles around was just a total blast and was very enjoyable. This game brought me back to this in ways that I never that would be possible again. The destruction feels satisfying and makes every handheld item and large vehicle feel like it belongs in the game.

You start off with a truck and a bulldozer and then you are off. You start out with some simple jobs like breaking down a wall with your sledgehammer, but soon you are destroying entire buildings with cranes, excavators, and other assorted vehicles. This never gets old, though, the missions variety gets a little stale, but going through and jackhammering through some concrete is very satisfying. Even picking up dirt and putting it in the back of a dump truck is a very satisfying and not at all chore-like task. This is really supported because you get money for everything that you do. Every job pays and you even get a destruction bonus out of how quickly you can destroy items. Destroy more in a fast manner, you get a better paycheck. This money is then spent to either buy new properties or to buy more and  bigger machines, or even to hire new workers to take care of certain jobs for you.

For such a small game it has a lot of ambition within it, which is why I think I enjoyed this so much. You don't have to go very far into the game to see that they really cared about their product and were really excited to show it off to people.

Demolish and Build Company 2017, Breaking down your walls, one brick at a time


This is where the game starts to have some difficulties, though. The building aspect of this game is very simplistic. That is not always a bad thing, but in this case, it kind of feels like a joke. You have to go and buy the lumber/metal that you need for your current build project. So you go pick it up, buy it, bring it back to the build site and then you have to unload everything to its rightful spot. It's not a bad design but it feels very basic and more like this should have just been Demolish Company 2017. This simplicity doesn't make it a bad game, I just feel like maybe some more time spent in the Building aspect or just ignoring it completely wouldn't have been a bad thing at all.

The building is over about as quickly as it started and can be some of the most tedious aspects of the game. From loading sand into your dump truck, to just shooting nails into boards, it could definitely have used some more refined gameplay mechanics for these parts. One annoying thing is that you build these buildings to make you money, but they will constantly break down and then you have to go out and fix them, or hire a worker to do it for you. To me this just shows that they were trying to pad for some more gameplay time, it would have been a cooler idea to instead just let me build wherever I wanted, especially with such a large game world they created. Not the worst building mechanics in the world, but I definitely could have been challenged a bit more.

Demolish and Build Company 2017, building is definitely a low point for the game, but it still has some fun to be found.


One thing that I really enjoyed about this game was the amount of work that went into making every job you do feel like a real job that someone who owned a building/destruction company would have to do. Jobs can range from breaking down old concrete  from an old parking lot, to destroying old bridges once new ones have been erected. The game may feel like an arcade title, but the reality is so much better. I never felt like the jobs were just there to be there. They all felt like an experience and that there was some little story behind why I was cutting the copper pipes out of this abandoned building.

This level of presentation is also present while just driving around. The world is simple, sure, but the rest of the world feels like it is alive and quite well made. The vehicles feel more natural than some other simulators I have played, and as a result, I wanted to drive them. Even driving some of the bigger rigs like the crane was something I looked forward to, rather than dreading, just because of the amount of fun factor that was thrown in there. The world may not be the prettiest, but it still looks pretty good and doesn't ever dispel the illusion that I was a construction worker of sorts. There are hardware stores, vehicles to buy out in the world, and even property lots that you can buy to gain money.

There is a lot in this world when you get down to it, and because of those levels of detail the game really does pop and feels like a good arcade simulator.

Demolish and Build 2017, breaking up a small road block....

Final thoughts

Overall Demolish & Build 2017 Company 2017 is a pretty darn good game. It has arcade style gameplay that will hook you immediately, but it isn't that deep. The big rigs are fun to drive and there is always something to do in the game. The world feels alive without too much padding, but there are some huge negatives like the building aspect of the game and just the overall ease of which the game can be beaten. Overall you should definitely check this game out if you like simulators and building.

 + Arcade gameplay with a simulator feel  – Too easy
 + Vehicles are fun to drive  – Obvious padding for longer gameplay
 + I felt like a construction worker the entire time