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Developed by Lone Hero Studios, Rising Islands is an intense platformer that utilizes a familiar mechanic found in popular games such as Outland and Ikaruga. Players are given control of a female protagonist who is tasked with assisting two guardians to seek out the remaining relics before the evil Boss gains control of them and takes over the world. While the story seems like it has been done before, the intense action is enough to keep fans of the platforming genre satisfied.

Let's Begin!


Rising Islands is a platformer that requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. Each level presents a variety of jumps, wall runs, and grinds that increase in difficulty to challenge the ability of the players. Lone Hero Studios found some inspiration with its color switching mechanic that is frequently used throughout the game. The graphics can be a hit or a miss depending on the level, but the music is really refreshing and seems to feel even better when hitting all the jumps in a timely fashion. While the game is still in the process of being completed and ready for release in a little over a week (August 2nd), the content that is available is quite good. Hopefully, all the technical issues can be resolved by then due to the immense amount of potential that is presented here.

Gameplay Impressions

Much of the gameplay in Rising Islands consists of big jumps, beautifully crafted wall runs, and grinds. However, the main attraction here is the mechanic that enables players to switch colors at will in order to access various jumps, platforms, and avoid a variety of obstacles. With each passing stage, the difficulty receives a significant boost in order to create an intense experience. Judging by the initial gameplay elements, I noticed that there is going to be additional mechanics added as progression is made in the game. What those mechanics are is a question that will be answered once the game is released to the public.

If you would like to see Rising Islands in action, take a look at my Let’s Play video below:

Rising Islands Let's Play

Last Words

Rising Islands is a game that has a ton of potential. Its intense platforming and refreshing music are elements that I would love to see flushed out more upon the release. My main concern is that the game may be relatively short considering that there are only going to be 15 level between the 3 portals. If the rest of the content is as good as what I previewed, then it may be safe to say that those levels will be great fun. With the release of the game being August 2nd, you can look for my full review in the coming days.   


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    Game looks promising. I like the walls runs. Reminds of one of my favorite franchises, The Matrix.

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      Matrix the movie? 🙂


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