Revelation Online – beta review

Revelation Online - beta review.

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Steparu wrote a review of beta version of Revelation Online few months ago. But it is still valid so why not to publish the information on KeenGamer if it is one of the most anticipated game developed by Netease?

The steparu conclusion gives more details about the game and you can click at the link below to read the whole review.

"Despite the crazy amount of content ripped off or inspired from other games, Revelation Online turned out to be enjoyable and I would recommend it. It's deiniftely a lot better than their previous game copy clone Dragon Sword Online. The flying features alone is worth the experience since not many MMORPG's gives you a total open seamless world and freedom when it comes down to flight features. Revelation Online is still in Closed Beta so there is a lot of room from improvement. Foreigners that want to play this game will have to wait a little bit longer for Open Beta or manage to dig up a beta key. Thanks for reading and following me on one of my many gaming MMORPG adventures and see you on the next one!"

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