Wipeout Omega Collection Soundtrack Live Stream Reveal

Sony announces a soundtrack live stream for the upcoming futuristic racing game Wipeout Omega Collection. Tune in today to learn what futuristic music sounds like.

Wipeout Omega Collection Soundtrack Live Stream Reveal
Sony just announced that they will be holding a soundtrack live stream reveal for upcoming racer the Wipeout Omega Collection. The legacy game collection originally developed by now defunct SCE Studio Liverpool is going to release by XDEV for PS4 on June 6th. Known for its great music soundtracks, the new collection is raising the heat by bringing fans a taste of what they will be listening as they dash through lightning-speed futuristic sites.

So for anyone interested in the Wipeout series, you are invited to tune in today at 9PM CEST/ 8PM BST. Follow the link for more details. The franchise was well-known back in the day for its distinguished electronika soundtrack created by music composer Tim Wright. The famous composer firmly believed in video game music as an art form.

Are our readers excited for this upcoming collection of futuristic racing games? Let us know below.

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