Weekly News Roundup Issue #13

Some of our more avid readers may have noticed some fresh blood at KeenGamer lately. More writers on the team can only mean one thing - more KeenGamer news for your hungry eyes to feast on. Have we got a buffet for you this week. Waste no time in reading on for this week’s news roundup and stay clued in on the goings on of the industry and the musings of our staff.
Weekly News Roundup Issue #13

Final Fantasy XV Just Won’t Stop 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - FFXV

Episode Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus would have added a perfectly acceptable DLC set for your average AAA videogame of today. However, Final Fantasy XV has a content filled and bright future ahead of it, apparently. Comrades will release as a standalone content but that’s not all. Check out our coverage for an understanding of what to expect next… You’re in for a surprise. 

Gaming Festivals Happen In The UK Too Y’know 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square of London is a nice big open space. Which offers up the perfect setting for futuristic white domes, people dressed as Pokemon and various videogame displays. What’s not to like at London Games Festival 2018? Our very own Rachel Watts jumped into the action in sunny London to report on just how it all went down. Check out her coverage for a closer look.

Nostalgic For A LAN Party

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - To LAN or not to LAN

We’re supposedly getting to a time where less and less gamers know just what a LAN party really is. In an age of remote connectivity, Luan Erasmus wonders which, of LAN or online multiplayer, is the preferable experience. Many of us have fond memories of having a LAN party at a friend’s living room and playing Age of Empires. If you were one of those people, check in with Luan’s musings on the matter and see if you agree. 

ARMA III Is Still Going Strong With New DLC

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - ARMA III DLC

Believe it or not, PC exclusive ARMA III released way back on September 12th, 2013. Even then, that was after a fair whack of time in Early Access. It for these reasons that it’s both pleasantly surprising and heartening to see that its dev team continues to support the ARMA III community with DLC. This time around, it’s all about tanks. If you’re curious about that, take a look at what Dmytro has to say about it. Tank you very much! 

Indie Game To Watch For 2018 Gets A Release Date

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne is an artistically impressive labour of love for developer ThroughLine Games. The entirely hand animated side scrolling puzzler has been in the works for a very long time. I’ve been in contact with with the Assistant Producer on the project for this title for around a year and a half, following the game’s progress over time so it’s a little closer to my heart than your average release news. Check out my coverage to learn more about the game and when you can expect to play this impressive title. 

Tower of Time Is Our Surprise Review of The Week

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - Tower of Time Review

Tower of Time takes top position in our games reviewed this week, scoring a hefty 8.5/10. Nothing to be sniffed at. While the cartoony game clearly borrows RPG beats from the likes of Diablo, Dungeon Seige or Champions of Norrath, it manages to hold up on its own as a delightful game to add to your Steam library. Take a look at David’s review if you’re in need of a new top-down fantasy RPG. Tower of Time will likely fill that gap. 

GTA V Makes More Money Than… Everything 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - GTA V

In a recent MarketWatch report that analyses the success of Rockstar hit, Grand Theft Auto V, we have learned just how much money it has made. Clue – A LOT. To put thing in perspective, the highest grossing film of all time is Avatar which made a $2.8 billion profit. GTA V has more than doubled that in its lifetime. For the full rundown on how obscenely profitable the gangster game turned out to be, take a look at our piece that goes into more depth.

Why Do We Play Videogames?

Weekly News Roundup Issue #13 - Why we play
Early on in the week, yours truly became quite thoughtful on exactly why it is we play videogames. In an age where all we seem to do is complain about videogames, why do we persist in playing them, chasing that perfect, defining game? To wrap up this week's news roundup, what better than to take a thoughtful look back on why we play games and what it is they do for us. 

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