The Secret Identity of The Judge in Far Cry: New Dawn

Players think they have figured out the identity of The Judge in Far Cry: New Dawn. The Judge has quickly become a fan favorite for Far Cry: New Dawn players, but who is the mysterious gun for hire? Fans believe that they have the answer.

The Secret Identity of The Judge in Far Cry: New Dawn
Far Cry: New Dawn features a host of fun guns for hire that can be unlocked as you progress through the story. Guns for hire can be called in to fight the Highwaymen alongside you and each possess their own weapons and special abilities. New Dawn’s guns for hire include returning characters from Far Cry 5, as well as some stranger additions such as a wild boar named Horatio and a violence-loving grandma named Nana. However, the most mysterious gun for hire is a silent character, only known as, The Judge.

Very little is known about The Judge; the character only appears a few times in New Dawn’s story missions. The masked and hooded figure can be seen around the New Eden compound and will not speak. The Judge will become an unlocked gun for hire automatically after completing the mission, “Joseph’s Secret.” So who is this masked hero?

Players believe that they have decoded notes and secretes in Far Cry: New Dawn that reveal the true identity of The Judge. It seems that The Judge is actually The Deputy from Far Cry 5. In case you did not play Far Cry 5, or you just forgot, The Deputy is the player’s silent protagonist from the previous game. Far Cry 5 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving the fate of The Deputy in question as he was left to survive the apocalypse in a bunker with Joseph Seed. So what happened to The Deputy after the credits rolled in Far Cry 5? There are plenty of hints at The Deputy’s fate throughout Far Cry: New Dawn.

One of the first hints that you can find about The Judge’s identity comes from notes that you can find in Joseph Seed’s bunker. This is the same bunker that The Deputy is locked in at the end of Far Cry 5. One of the scribbled notes in the bunker mentions how The Deputy wants to become a “judge” for Joseph Seed. It seems that The Deputy’s will was broken in the bunker and subsequently gave in to Joseph.

Another piece of evidence that supports that The Judge is actually The Deputy comes from an optional conversation between The Judge and Carmina. Carmina explains that her parents told her the story of how The Judge, before wearing a mask, helped with her birth. This is yet another callback to Far Cry 5, where The Deputy was tasked with assisting in the safe birth of Carmina.   

So why doesn’t The Judge speak in Far Cry: New Dawn? It could simply be that since The Deputy was a silent protagonist in Far Cry 5, it would have been strange for the character to suddenly start speaking in the sequel. However, fans have another theory as to why The Judge does not speak. Some players think that the Seed cult cut the tongue out of The Deputy’s mouth. Evidence of this comes from a conversation that can be had between Nana and The Judge where Nana asks The Judge to speak, but The Judge just cries.

This evidence all but confirms that The Judge is, in fact, The Deputy from Far Cry 5. All the evidence seems to point to The Deputy giving in to Joseph Seed’s madness and becoming a masked soldier for him and New Eden. The mask is a creative solution that allows New Dawn players to feel as if they can play with their character’s from Far Cry 5without dealing with the fact that The Judge’s face might not look the same as The Deputy’s since Far Cry 5 allowed character customization.

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