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Tales of Berseria is getting a Manga Adaptation

The next entry in the Tales series is receiving a manga adaptation this fall courtesy of Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Rex. Nabu Aonagi is set to create it.
Tales of Berseria is getting a Manga Adaptation

Tales of Berseria is getting a Manga Adaptation

The October issue of Monthly Comic Rex magazine revealed on August 27 that a manga adaptation of Bandai Namco‘s Tales of Berseria will launch in the publication this fall. It will be authored by Nabu Aonagi.

Set in the continent of Glenwood, the title takes place in the distant past of previous entry Tales of Zestiria. Central to the setting is the Sacred Kingdom of Midgand, which stretches across multiple large islands and smaller archipelagos. It is large enough to have climate variations ranging between its northern and southern regions, with the northern regions recently experiencing stronger snowstorms as the world grows colder. The Kingdom continues to develop its shipbuilding capability, but due to harsh weather, seaborne trade must still travel well-known paths, which are constantly beset by pirates.

Tales of Berseria launched in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on August 18. The JRPG will release for PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe in early 2017.

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