Swipe Right on the New Dating Simulator, Table Manners

It’s a date! With Valentine's Day just over a week away and romance in the air, it’s time to dust off your best outfit, dress to impress, and start testing those romantic techniques with Echo Chamber Games’s new dating simulator, Table Manners. Swipe right, choose your location, and get dating.

Swipe Right on the New Dating Simulator, Table Manners

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and the perfect opportunity to spend time with your significant other, exchanging chocolates, cards and romantic words. It’s also the perfect opportunity for some of the most disastrous, cringe-worthy dates ever.

Last September, Echo Chamber Games, revealed their latest dating simulator, Table Manners, a physics-orientated game coming out on Valentine’s Day. Alike to Hand Simulator, in this game you play as ‘a dis-embodied hand with a knack for catastrophe’. Master the mechanics and navigate your way through dates to find your soulmate. 

Table Manners | Steam Announcement Trailer

In Table Manners, once you’ve secured a date, you will have the opportunity to take your lucky partner to a humble restaurant, sushi bar or ice bar. You could even up the ante and jet off in a plane, or take your date on a romantic boat trip for a dinner on the seas. Each venue you visit offers unique gameplay options and challenges that you must complete in order to impress your partner. By building your reputation, you can unlock more potential dates with even more challenging tasks and scenarios. Practice your best one-liners, and prepare for a date you will never forget.

Table Manners will be available on PC (Steam) on 14 February.

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