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Survival Space Horror, Syndrome, is Coming to Switch

Brutal survival horror, Syndrome, is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. RedDeer Games made the announcement on their website, teasing switch players with a brand new trailer depicting the darkness that is yet to come.

Survival Space Horror, Syndrome, is Coming to Switch

The brutal space survival horror, Syndrome is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Publisher RedDeer Games says the game will arrive sometime later this year. However, no specifics about the game’s launch window have been announced as of yet.

As you might have guessed, all hell has broken loose aboard a space station known as the Valkenburg. It happens to be the Novacore’s most advanced scientific space station, or at least it was… As a result, coming out of your cryosleep proves to be one very rude awakening! Your only option is to survive by hiding, running, and fighting when there’s no other way out. The people of the ship are being hunted, but by what? Not only that, as if things aren’t bad enough your mind is also playing tricks on you! Or is it?

Syndrome | Announcement Trailer | Sci-Fi Survival Horror | Nintendo Switch

Developer Camel 101 has already had Syndrome available on Steam for some time now. Soon, Nintendo Switch players will get their chance to descend into the darkness. Explore the dark and stricken space station to uncover lore and unravel the mystery of how things went so horrendously wrong on what was supposed to be a fairly simple mission.

According to the RedDeer Games news post, ammunition is scarce and the shadows are your only friend. Stay out of sight to avoid the dangerous beasts that lurk in the once peaceful corridors of the Valkenburg. You are being hunted within the claustrophobic confines of narrow corridors and dark rooms. Can you survive long enough to discover the truth and survive this nightmare?

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