Summer Game Fest 2022 Details Announced

Details regarding the Summer Game Fest 2022 have been announced. We now know when the event hosted by Geoff Keighley will take place and have some idea of what we can expect to be shown. Although no official partners have been announced as of yet, this event is shaping up to be an interesting one.

Summer Game Fest 2022 Details AnnouncedIt has been confirmed that the Summer Game Fest 2022 will take place this year. The event will start on the 9th of June at 2pm ET/11am PT/7pm BST. Hosting the festival will be Geoff Keighley and he will begin proceedings with a live show.

There is no confirmation exactly what the show will consist of in terms of potential partners, games or trailers. It also hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the show will include a live audience. Presumably these aspects will be made clearer nearer the time.

Where To Watch It

With that said, the press release accompanying the announcement does state where the show will be available to livestream. It will be on platforms such as; YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, it will also be broadcast in select IMAX theatres in the US.

LIVE IN IMAX! Summer Game Fest & The Game Awards

The live show will open the event and likely bring with it a few big reveals. Then, the following day will be dedicated to developers. The Day of the Devs will allow developers of indie titles to show the games that they have been making.

For the 2021 Game Fest, developers were required to submit their projects for consideration. If approved, the game would be included within the show. Presumably, the same process will apply this year. Mirroring last year’s festival, the Day of the Devs will be presented by Iam8bit and Double Fine.

Not much is known about the potential partners involved with the 2022 Summer Game Fest at the time of writing, though the website does say to “stay tuned,” with regards to an announcement of who the partners taking part could be.

Who Needs E3 When We Have Keigh3?

The main reason that this announcement is significant this year, is due to the fact that E3 2022 is not going ahead. Whilst last year’s Summer Game Fest brought with it trailers for Elden Ring and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, that livestream was immediately dwarfed by the huge Xbox show which followed it.

Some of the highlights from last year's Summer Game Fest.

Some of the highlights from last year’s Summer Game Fest.

This year, there is no major competition around that time and therefore, the 2022 Summer Game Fest will be the major gaming show in summer 2022. Although Playstation will likely have their own Showcase later in the year and Nintendo will have their own Directs, the SGF website does note that Microsoft will be hosting an Xbox and Bethesda games showcase on the 12th of June.

The Summer Game Fest 2022 was announced around the same time that it was revealed that E3 2022 would not take place. In terms of dates, SGF 2022 will take place around the same date that E3 usually kicks off. It looks as though the 2022 Summer Game Fest will be the show to watch for big gaming reveals this summer.

Are you looking forward to the Summer Game Fest 2022? Let us know down in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter.

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