Street Fighter 6 Ranked Will Have No LP Reset

Street Fighter 6's producer Shuhei Matsumoto confirmed during an interview on July 5, 2023 that the Street Fighter 6 ranked system will undergo a huge change that will be applied to the League Points (LP) reset system. There will be no such thing as LP reset and there will be a different rank/league for pro players.

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Street Fighter 6 has been going out strong since its release and has invited tons of new players to become a fan of the franchise. The game has undergone a lot of changes since its predecessor. During an interview with Inside Games on July 5th, the game’s producer Shuhei Matsumoto discussed one of those changes, the changes discussed majorly affect the game’s ranked system.

Street Fighter 6's gameplay fails to bore

Street Fighter 6’s gameplay fails to bore

Although the interview was quite long, I’ll go through some of the most important discussions that were held by Takayuki Nakayama (director of Street Fighter 6) and Shuhei Matsumoto (producer of Street Fighter 6). In this interview, they both majorly talk about the game’s success and the changes made to the game’s ranked system.

In the interview, Matsumoto clearly stated:

There is no LP reset. We are preparing a new system for SF6.

For anyone who doesn’t know, LP stands for “League Points”, these are the points required to rank up in Street Fighter. After each season’s end, the game resets these points to 0. Ending LP reset greatly changes the ranked system as it means there will be no more rank reset after each season. Another change that Nakayama discusses is that in Street Fighter 6, players can now achieve Master or above rank with just 50% win rate if they repeat matches, whereas, in Street Fighter 5, the win rate required was above 70%. Nakayama states:

I think that a win rate of around 70% was required in order to reach Master or above in “V”, but with “Street Fighter 6” it seems that even if it is around 50%, it can be achieved if the number of games is repeated. 

Nakayama also revealed introducing a new rank for high-ranked players known as the “Master League”. He further explains it:

Yes, in the future we will be opening up special mechanics for higher-ranked players. As I mentioned in the “Street Fighter 6 Showcase” before the release, we are planning to add a “Master League” in which we call a certain period of time an act, and fight with a rate called a master rate for each act.

Introducing Master League is a great decision as it introduces a new level of competitiveness for players who take the game seriously.

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