Steamroll rolls out on Steam

After 18 months of development, the indie team at Anticto is proud to announce the release of their first indie game: Steamroll.

New puzzle game, Steamroll

Anticto has released a new adventure puzzle game with the popular steampunk style and exciting gameplay that will keep you rolling. Steamroll is set in a collapsing mine, you need to progress through the levels quickly or risk being trapped. Launch steamballs to create ramps, press buttons and other game altering mechanics.

Check out some of the features:

  • Steamroll is a single-player game featuring 18 unique, beautiful and challenging levels.
  • It works in Windows, Mac and Linux and it contains translations to English, Spanish, Catalan and German. It can be controlled with keyboard and mouse and it also supports gamepads.
  • The game is available in the Steam platform, after being for 5 months in Early Access gathering feedback from the player community while it was being developed.

Steamroll is out on Steam. Check it out, don’t be a punk… be a steampunk.

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