Sony wants more competition for the PSVR headset

The company is concerned their dominant position in the niche may hinder the spread and development of the technology. As the sales continue to grow, Sony’s tethered VR gear remains gamers’ top choice. Andrew House, the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, expected ‘a variety of platforms all doing well to create that rising tide and create the audience’.

Singer Anselmo Ralph trying out PSVR
In an interview with Reuters House said he was not ‘entirely comfortable with being the market leader in VR by such a margin that seems to be happening right now’.

Sony sold over half a million headsets in April – June this year; all thanks to lower prices ($399 in comparison to $499 for Oculus Rift and $599 for HTC Vive) and the success of Playstation 4. They have yet to hit the first rank in virtual reality sets business as Samsung’s Gear VR is still doing slightly better, according to IDC. 

Following the earlier expressed skepticism towards handheld platforms, House claimed that the launch of Nintendo Switch hasn’t had any impact on Sony’s revenue.