Session: Skate Sim Held a Launch Event in New York

One day ahead of finally launching Session: Skate Sim on September 22nd crea-ture studios held a launch event at Substance Skatepark in Brooklyn. Here they offered attendees the chance to try out the game and meet with the people behind the scenes of this ambitious project.

Session: Skate Sim Held a Launch Event in New York

Fans of skating games know what sets Sessions: Skate Sim apart from the rest of them, and that is the realism it bring to the table. Just one day ahead of the game’s release, there was a Launch Event held at Substance Skatepark in Brooklyn where attendees got a chance to try out the game, and speak to some of the key members behind the actual game. 

First impressions of the game, from someone that had always played more regular titles like the Tony Hawk series, your first approach to Session: Skate Sim can be a bit daunting, with how different controllers work from what one may be used to in previous experiences. The learning curve is not terrible, though, and after a few minutes you can get reasonably used to it enough to start trying to pull some tricks.

The controller scheme will prove to be challenging to some.

The controller scheme will prove to be challenging to some.

When talking to the game’s Creative Director, you get a sense of what is the ultimate goal of the game, and that has always been realism. It has been said before, but the idea behind Session: Skate Sim is that you will have to learn the controllers, not unlike learning to skate all over again. Your first couple of minutes with the game will feel like your first couple of weeks when skating. 

Session: Skate Sim come to fill a perhaps not so obvious gap that has been standing in the skating games scene, and that is a less arcade-like experience and something that more resembles the real-life experience, while at the same time translating it to a controller. Not an easy task by any means, but it does seem like the guys at crea-ture studios have managed to land this trick quite well. 

Our main goal with Session is to bring a simulator to the market, because skateboarding games don’t have a simulator yet. In our game, you control both your feet with each stick (…) so you just mimic the motion as you would do it in real life. 

It was also important for us to preserve skateboarding history. We have recreated some parks like they were back in the nineties. 

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