PORTAL KNIGHTS – Improvements, water and hard mode bosses

In response to community feedback, developers from Keen Games have released new update for Portal Knights. This latest update introduces a more sophisticated RPG levelling system, water on islands and players will be able to replay all the boss levels in a new and challenging hard mode.

Portal Knights update features water
This latest update features a more sophisticated RPG levelling system allowing players to take even greater control of their character’s attributes and choose exactly how their Portal Knight will evolve as they level-up.

Water will also be included in this latest version and will appear on islands in a variety of different ways including large lakes or water streams in dungeons. The addition of water will allow players to create beautiful landscapes like never before but isn’t without its perils.

Water based enemies will be introduced so players must tread carefully as they navigate through watery environments in search of underwater chests and loot. Players will also need to be weary of their oxygen meter as there is a risk of drowning if their character stays underwater for too long.

Players will also be able to replay all the boss levels in a new and challenging hard mode. These hard mode boss arenas will test even the toughest Portal Knights with new traps, additional enemies and different damage types.

New events will also be available which will bring new environmental effects, new enemies and special loot drops. Some of these events will include water so that players don’t have to create new universes to enjoy this feature.

Portal Knights Update v 0.7.0, featuring Water and Hard Mode Bosses OUT NOW!

Other additions, changes and fixes in Portal Knights’ latest update include:

  • Split stacks in the backpack to enable easier inventory maintenance.
  • Ward of Protection item which will prevent new enemies spawning in the area of effect.
  • Character emotes which enables players to express specific emotions through their character
  • Enemy improvements including improved movement speed and jumping behavior.
  • Rumble set-up for controllers.
  • Updated level-up tutorial after the first level-up

Check out some screenshots featuring all new content:

Portal Knights water
Portal Knights water in winter
Portal Knights hard mode
Portal Knights hard mode boss
Portal Knights levelling system
Portal Knights Christmas portal

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