PlayStation Boss, Jim Ryan Talks PC Ports, Simpler PlayStation VR 2

More PlayStation ports are headed to PC, and PlayStation VR 2 is on its way to next-gen! There's great news abound as PlayStation Boss, Jim Ryan, confirms plans for additional PC ports and a simpler, improved VR experience on PS5 in a recent interview with GQ. We've collected the highlights for you.

PlayStation Boss, Jim Ryan: PC Ports, Simpler PlayStation VR 2 Cover

In a recent interview with GQ, Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, shared some juicy details about where PlayStation is going in the upcoming year and beyond. The details are pretty high-level, but they are sure to be exciting specifically for PC gamers and VR enthusiasts as we learn more about PlayStation VR 2 and PC ports.

More upcoming PC ports

Following on last year’s successful Horizon: Zero Dawn PC port, Ryan confirmed Sony’s plans to continue porting PlayStation games to PC, saying, “There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward.” He also mentioned that the process of porting their games to PC has become simpler over time, making Sony’s decision to port additional games an easy one.

We already know that Days Gone is coming to PC this spring. It was quite well received, and now more people will have the opportunity to play. 

Improvements to PlayStation VR

In addition to PC ports, Sony is taking some lessons learned from PlayStation VR and applying them to the next iteration of VR for the PS5. Of particular interest to anyone who has experienced PlayStation VR, Ryan stated that they are planning “…things like moving to a very easy single-cord setup with this one and many other similar learnings.” It sounds like Sony has finally answered the question we asked back in 2019.

Any current-gen PlayStation VR owner understands why a single-cord setup would be a huge improvement to the experience. Right now, it’s a chore to set up or move due to the added box and dizzying array of cords and connectors. Having the ability to easily disconnect and store the headset when you’re not using it would be a boon.

Which games do you want to see ported to PC after the release of Days Gone, and what do you think of PlayStation VR 2? At the risk of jinxing it, I’ll just say this: Bloodborne.

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