On MLB’s Opening Day, NY Mets Fill Void With Video Games

The New York Mets are streaming games via MLB The Show 20 to fill the void created by the COVID-19-produced delay. For baseball fans, Opening Day is an unofficial American holiday. It's a time when many skip school or work to go to the ballpark and watch your favorite team. At least we have this!

On Opening Day, NY Mets Fill Void With Video Games

SNY, the regional TV network of the New York Mets, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that starting today, any time the Mets would’ve been playing real baseball, they’ll be streaming an MLB The Show 20 version of that game. It’s unclear in the tweet who would be playing these simulated games, but the hope for fans would be that the team would either ask star players such as Pete Alonso, Jacob DeGrom and Jeff McNeill, or former Mets greats like David Wright and Mike Piazza.

The New York Mets aren’t the only team playing postponed games via sports simulators. The NBA’s Washington Wizards and the NHL’s Washington Capitals previously announced that they will play remaining regular season games through NBA 2K20 and NHL 20, respectively. Before them, the NBA’s Phoenix Suns were one of the first teams to announce that they will be simulating the rest of the regular season via NBA 2K20. You can bet that fans of other teams hope that theirs do the same and give them some semblance of normalcy in these strange times.

Opening Day for Major League Baseball is an unofficial holiday for many Americans. Some skip school or work just to go to the ballpark to watch their favorite team begin its quest to win the World Series. This year, however, Opening Day will not be in early Spring as per usual. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, MLB is one of many sports leagues forced to suspend operations to fight the spread. In fact, today would’ve been Opening Day if not for the postponed games. Until then, players can play these games themselves and find some closure on what may be a lost season for some leagues.

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