Old-School Action Returns with Haxor, Out Now on Steam

Haxor: it's old-school, it's action and it's available now on Steam. The game is a 2D platformer with a 16-bit style and a sci-fi theme. Having made its debut on April 12, there's different information to be found with the game.

Old-School Action Returns with Haxor, Out Now on Steam
An old-school action game has made its debut and its name is Haxor. With a 16-bit style and sci-fi theme, the retro game has been made available on Steam and PC.

Haxor is a 2D platform game that brings the classic game feel of the '80s and '90s. It was first developed five years ago as a contest entry on an internet forum. Since then, Climou has formed it into what the game is today, with Fat Dog Games having published it.

Featuring flat 8-bit chiptune music to further enhance the experience, Haxor tells the story of a researcher named Kla. She was a member of a research expedition on a mission to retrieve an energy source that could save her ancient race when their vessel ends up straight through a black hole. Ending up as the lone survivor and losing her memories, Kla begins a new adventure.

The are four different environments for the player to explore in the game. They have to search for hidden secrets and collect special items, all the while fighting a robust gallery of dangerous enemies. At the end of each stage, there will be a boss to battle; luckily, players are able to develop different special abilities while going through obstacles.

Haxor is available on Steam for about 6.99 USD/EUR, with a 40% discount for early buyers that runs the next 48 hours.

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