Official Sony Store in Mexico Sells PS5 30% Off by Mistake, Cancels Orders Shortly After.

The official Sony online store briefly offered its PS5 console with a 30% discount in Mexico. Several Mexican gamers took the opportunity and placed orders that were then suddenly canceled a few hours later. Now the affected customers are aiming to make Sony honor their offer, even if it was done by mistake.

Official Sony Store in Mexico Sells PS5 30% Off by Mistake, Cancels Orders Shortly After.

The official Mexican Sony online Store had its new PlayStation 5 with a 30% discount. This was an offer that several customers in Mexico took swift advantage of, only to find that their orders had been canceled without explanation and that the 30% discount was now nowhere to be found. 

The PS5 is coming for $499.99 and 399.99 for its physical and digital versions respectively, and while we know that for the US at least these prices are before taxes, we’ll take them from that base point to compare to the Mexican price the consoles will be available as announced by Sony Mexico. The physical version’s suggested price is MXN 13,999 (or around 658.70 USD) and MXN 11,499 for its digital version (or around 541.00 USD). Do keep in mind that these are only suggested prices and some retailers may choose to sell them for a higher price to drive up profit. 

At the moment of this writing, an online search for PS5 prices in Mexico shows the prices to be as suggested on major online retailers such as Amazon MX and BestBuy. Some other retailers such as Coppel already drove up the price to 15,799.00 (or around 743.40 USD) for the physical version. 

Official Sony Store in Mexico Sells PS5 30% Off by Mistake, Cancels Orders Shortly After.

The PS5 was offered with a 30% discount on the official Sony online store in Mexico.

So when Mexican gamers came across what it seemed to be an amazing, borderline unbelievable offer on the official Sony online store for the coveted console, more than a few of them ran at the opportunity. They were indeed placing pre-orders with a significant discount of 30% off the suggested price, lowering the price of the physical version of the console from MXN 13,999 to MXN 9,805 (USD 658.70 down to 461.37), bringing the price to an even lower point than the 499.99 before tax you’ll be able to find the console in the US. This would turn out to be too good to be true, indeed. 

Naturally, the discounted listing spread like fire amongst Mexican social platforms, and more and more orders were placed, maybe tipping off Sony of something that was off. 

According to Ricardo Vazquez, one of those who placed their order, the listing first appeared on a discount hunter website. At the moment of writing, the offer is still listed, although is labeled as “expired”, and indeed, going to the official Sony store right now, approximately 20 hours after the discounted listing appeared, the PS5 shows simply as Out of Stock, and there is no price listed. 

The original discounted listing appeared at approximately 23:00 PST on the discount hunter. Then the first cancellation reports from some members of the community started to appear approximately two hours after the listing went up. They were letting others know that their orders had been canceled without warning or apparent reason. 

Some of these customers had their cards or PayPal already charged by the time the order was canceled, which is prompting them to file a formal complaint with the equivalent to the Better Business Bureau in Mexico, in an attempt to essentially force Sony to honor the price that was advertised, even if it was briefly published. 

From that moment on, seemingly everyone that had placed an order got an email from Sony canceling their orders over the course of Sunday. 

The affected Mexican gamers quickly started mobilizing on social media creating the #SonyMexicoNoCumple in an attempt to expose Sony publicly. 

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