Of Kings And Men Free This Weekend

In a press release today, Warlock Wireless and Green Man Gaming Publishing announced that Of Kings and Men will be available as a free trial during the Free Weekend on Steam from 7th December to 11th December 2017. The medieval battle game will also be available to purchase at 66% off during the Free Weekend period. On top of the free trial, the game has also received a new update ‘The Long War’ which will add more maps and improvements to the way battles are handled.

Of Kings And Men Free This Weekend
New and existing Of Kings And Men players will be able to take part in the biggest multiplayer battles the game has seen in De Re Militari, the strategy layer to Of Kings And Men, as it receives a selection of changes and improvements in its latest update. The Long War update enables players to ambush passing armies from enemy clans and battle on new maps; share troops to include multiple regiments in one army; and an upkeep system, which requires players to manage finances from their battles to keep their stronghold running.

The new update also gives the game a new quest system, which encourags new players to experiment with different weapons and combat styles, and offer experienced players daily challenges to gain additional experience and rewards. More maps have also been added to the Skirmish mode, providing more arenas for players to test their skills in tense multiplayer combat.

Following the feedback we’ve had throughout the initial launch of the De Re Militari mode, we have been able to make some improvements to the way battles are handled on the strategic map, allowing for clans to ambush each other and plan more combat scenarios. By including more maps, including the quest system and allowing ambushes, we have introduced plenty of ways for players to experience Of Kings And Men, and look forward to seeing old and new players battling together during the Free Weekend on Steam,” says Gary Rowe, EVP Publishing at Green Man Gaming.

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