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Numskull Games picks up Kickstarter hack ‘n slash retro gaming hit Battle Axe for consoles & PC

Battle Axe: a pixel-art arcade adventure being made for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, reached and exceeded it's crowdfunding goal with much time to spare. Now, it's been announced that this upcoming title will be published by Numskull Games!

Numskull Games picks up Kickstarter hack ‘n slash retro gaming hit Battle Axe for consoles & PC

Launched on the 28th of January on Kickstarter, Battle Axe has smashed through its goal of £40,000 and has now reached over £49,000 with 7 days to go at the time of writing. 

An epic hack n' slash adventure

An epic hack n’ slash adventure

Battle Axe’s lead designer, Henk Nieborg, has partnered up with dedicated publisher of indie titles, Numskull Games, to bring the 80s & 90s-inspired hack & slash adventure to a wider audience.

Numskull Games brought a real passion to the table when they saw our plans for Battle Axe, with the team there personally invested in this sort of classic-style game

We recognised they were the right publishing partner to put Battle Axe in people’s hands and we’re especially excited with the opportunity to see our games at retail.

Enjoy its beautiful retro pixel art

Enjoy its beautiful retro pixel art

Battle Axe is set up to be a love letter to fans of retro games and hack ‘n slash players alike. Including Henk Nieborg’s (Lionheart, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Contra 4, Xeno Crisis) designing talents, Battle Axe is being developed by a small but highly experienced team. There’s also the legendary composer, Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Final Fight, Shovel Knight) and programmer, Mike Tucker (Super House of Dead Ninjas, Xeno Crisis) as part of the team. 

You can enjoy playing solo or local co-op

You can enjoy playing solo or local co-op

Inspired by genre classics like Gauntlet and Golden Axe, Battle Axe is sure to delight pixel art enthusiasts with gorgeously designed characters and environments to draw with every frame. As a hack n’ slash adventure, it looks to embody classic gameplay that feels both familiar and revitalised thanks to new gameplay elements, improved controls, detailed pixel art & animations, and its superb soundtrack. Giving you the choice to play solo or with a friend in local co-op, the quest you can embark on with this game’s highly-detailed heroes appears to be one of an absolutely epic nature. 

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Battle Axe currently has an approximate release date to its platforms of Q1 2021. Be sure to visit its page at Numskull for full details.

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