Nightmarish Turn-Based Game: Crown Trick, Released Today

Ready to Kick-off the Halloween season with the right note? Team17 and NExT have released a beautifully hand-painted visual style of nightmarish gameplay. Delve into the Nightmare Realm and try to survive enemies and traps that move along with you. Additionally, the procedurally-generated dungeons will bring you new challenges every time.

Nightmarish Turn-Based Game: Crown Trick, Released Today

Crown Trick, by Team17 and NExT Studios, has been released today, the 16th of October. Just in time for the Halloween festivities, this nightmarish-looking title is hitting both Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

Journey and battle your way through the procedurally-generated Nightmare Realm in a turn-based fashion. This game introduces, along with a cute cartoonish art-style, what the developers are calling “a synchronous mechanic” in which foes and traps only move when the player does. 

This synchronous mechanic brings interesting gameplay to the table. Since enemies and traps are only active or in motion while the player is also actively moving, then you can stop at any given time and assess your situation, and re-adjust your strategy. 

Being able to think on your feet and adjust strategies might just be what this game requires from you. Players will also have a great variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal. Additionally, the procedurally generated nature of the game means that you won’t likely see the same dungeon twice. 

Stephen Lin, from NExT Studios, said the following:

Our ambition for Crown Trick was to make an engaging roguelike that revolved around a compelling, strategic, synchronous turn-based system, and we have absolutely delivered on that. We’re looking forward to seeing how everybody runs the dungeon and tries to escape the challenges of the Nightmare Realm.

If you wish to keep informed on the game or the developers, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Or you can even join their Discord.

Crown Trick - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch & PC)

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