New Leon and Claire gameplay trailers feature Ada and Mr. X

New trailers featuring both main characters of Resident Evil 2 have surfaced. They feature Leon fighting off monsters in the sewers, and Claire being chased by the mysterious Mr. X. Ada Wong was also shown being playable for the first time in the remake.

New Leon and Claire gameplay trailers feature Ada and Mr. X
Both protagonists of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, recieved trailers focusing on unrevealed game segments. The “Familiar Faces” trailer, first starts off with Leon in an early part of the game. He encounters the unfortunate gun shop owner Robert Kendo, who looks much older than in the original Resident Evil 2. Ada Wong is then revealed to have a playable role unlike the original, and shows that she has her iconic red dress underneath the new trenchcoat she wore in earlier reveals for the game. The last part of the trailer, shows Leon in the sewers fighting off one of the mutations of William Birkin.

Resident Evil 2: Leon Gameplay - Familiar Faces

Claire’s trailer is focused on her being pursued by another major enemy of the game, Mr. X. This boss was an enemy only in Resident Evil 2, and the trailer demonstrates that Mr. X will not go down easily as he can set on fire and still manage to grab Claire. Along with his tenacity, Mr. X is directly shown to be chasing Claire in different areas of the game such as the RPD and library.

Resident Evil 2: Claire Gameplay - Unstoppable Tyrant

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