New Immersive Mystery, Lost Brothers, Coming Soon

BitLight is set to release their adventure indie, Lost Brothers, this month. This story rich, secret-embroiled game is sure to please adventure gamers, mystery lovers and fans of visual stories alike with its intriguing narrative, ethereal visuals, and atmospheric gameplay.

BitLight's New Immersive Mystery, Lost Brothers, Coming Soon

This month, BitLight will be releasing Lost Brothers, a single-player, story-orientated mystery game about one man’s determination to find his missing brother and the secrets surrounding his disappearance. We play as John, a man on a mission to locate his missing brother who disappeared a few years ago. Armed only with a walkie-talkie and a map, his mission was going to be difficult enough, but after discovering a radio and a request of aid from a mysterious woman trapped in the mountains, his trials have only just begun. It will be up to the player to explore the forest and the old labyrinthine mines, and learn the truth about what happened to John’s brother.

With features such as ‘wild nature, beautiful views, navigation by map and radio, and secrets and discoveries at every step’, Lost Brothers shows plenty of promise for fans of story-driven mysteries with dark twists and turns.

In December, the developers released some character illustrations for the main character, John, and last month a developer diary revealed that while they’d encountered some problems, the game would be released when promised. Along with this, they also teased some interesting screenshots of a luminescent mushroom forest. 

Lost Brothers will release on 18 February on PC (Steam).

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