New eSports show The Bridge goes live!

Gamers rejoice! eSports are coming to a TV channel near you soon. With the launch of The Bridge, streamers, casters, players and more will meet on a universal platform for all things eSports. Will you be tuning in this coming Monday?

New eSports show The Bridge goes live!
eSports has undoubtedly become huge over the past few years, moving from the dark basement LAN parties to the global stage, as players with a cult following sell out arenas around the world playing games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. 

The Bridge is a brand new British TV show ran by GINX eSports TV, which will run for 3 hours every weeknight from 8PM GMT starting next Monday (28/11/2016). The program will air on the Sky and Virgin TV networks on channels 570 and 290 respectively. It will also air on their official Twitch channel.

The show is described as a crossing place for eSports which will bring together teams, fans and more from across many different countries, games, tournaments and platforms, aiming to be the one stop shop for everything eSports across the world. Producer David Kangas had this to say:

We threw the reins over to the fans, the players and the content creators and asked them if they could build it how would it be. So we've ended up with The Bridge, a crossing place for eSports, where we can talk to whoever we want, about whatever game we want, whenever and however we want. That feels like a great starting point.

The Bridge is setting up for a successful future, and I personally am very excited to see what it offers during its first airing.

The Bridge airs at 8PM GMT on Twitch, Virgin Channel 290, and Sky Channel 570.

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