miHoYo Bans People For Leaking Genshin Impact Content

miHoyo has banned people who were found guilty of leaking content that was supposed to enter the game in patch 1.2. This is a firm reminder for beta testers to honor the NDA they signed when they were inducted to the program.

miHoYo Bans People For Leaking Genshin Impact Content Cover

miHoYo, the creators of Genshin Impact, has released a statement concerning leaks of their closed beta for patch 1.2:

Notice on Handling of Illegal Leaks (Additional Details – 2020/11/30)
Dear Travelers,
miHoYo has remained vigilant in combating, discovering, and punishing leaks of unreleased version content for Genshin Impact. In recent days, we have again found that some participants of the Version 1.2 closed beta have leaked and disseminated test version content, actions that violate the non-disclosure agreement they had each signed
Our company has already initiated procedures to pursue legal action against those guilty of such violations.
After investigating and compiling evidence, we have confirmed the details of those guilty of such violations:
Server: Celestia Server
Nickname: 雪***达!
Live Server UID: 100***618
Beta Server UID: 1***60
In the future, we will increase our efforts to combat such illegal leaks of unreleased content in all regions and platforms. But we can’t do it alone — we ask each Traveler for their help and support in this endeavor, to reject leaked information and dissemination of such so that we may maintain a fair and fun game environment. Let’s witness each exciting change to the world of Teyvat together.
Thank you all again for your understanding and support.
Reception to this statement has been mostly positive from the players saying that the people banned deserved it since they’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement to prevent leaks but they still leaked it.
There’s another side of players arguing that leaks provide hype for the content that would be released and the new characters that would be in the rate-up banner. Nevertheless, this move isn’t new from miHoYo as they’ve also released a similar statement when content for 1.1 was leaked. They’ve also pursued legal actions towards the leakers and they were never heard of ever since. This is a firm reminder that we should all read and honor the contracts that we sign; quite funny that this happened when patch 1.1 of Genshin Impact has focused on the story of Liyue, a city governed by contracts.
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